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Pakistani Kashmir Elects Former Diplomat as Government Head

Muzaffarabad -- A former Pakistani diplomat Masood Khan has been elected as president of Pakistani Administrated Kashmir on Tuesday.

Pakistani Kashmir legislative assembly and council elected him as 27th head of the state of Pakistani administrated Kashmir. He was nominated by Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif after his party swept july 21 legislative assembly polls.

Khan 65, has been served as Ambassador of Pakistan to China, India and as a permanent representative at United Nations.

Polling for his election was held here at legislative assembly hotel where 48 out of 49 members of legislative assembly as one legislator, Khalid Ibrahim, his (Masood Khan) relative also from his home town Rawalakot abstained the voting process.

His close relative and chief of his own Jammu Kashmir people’s party sardar Khalid Ibrahim led a protest in  pakistani kashmir capital Muzaffarabad against his election as the head of pakistani Kashmir government alleging him a non-political figure.

Analysts say he has been picked for the post by Pakistani Establishment to boost up diplomatic pressure on rival India on Kashmir which is gripped by the violent protests after the killing of a young rebel commander by Indian forces.

Masood Khan was heading a think-tank institute in Islamabad before installation as head of pakistani Kashmir government.

He hails from Rawalakot area of Pakistani administrated Kashmir.


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