Hawaii: Double hurricanes to hit the Big Island

Two hurricanes have been reported to be approaching Hawaii between Wednesday and Sunday. Hurricane Madeline which strengthened its course on Sunday  getting on with maximum sustained winds at 130mph turning into a category 3 hurricane. Another one, hurricane Lester was classify as category 4 storm which is expected to loom around on Saturday or Sunday. Hurricane Madeline was 515 miles east of Hilo late on Monday night and was moving west-northwest at 9 mph that time.

The Hawaii County Civil Defense has cautioned the citizens to stock up on supplies, including a full week of food and water for each person in a household. The county of Hawaii which covers the Big Island has also advocated the population to replenish their emergency kits with a flashlight, fresh batteries, cash and first aid supplies in case of any emergency. They also recommended that residents create successful evacuation strategies and secure their outdoor furniture since the anticipated storms would be strong.

The Center's advisory on Madeline stipulated that the hurricane Madeline will pass dangerously close to the Big Island on Wednesday. Also some weakening in the storm strength is forecast through late Wednesday.

The centre also said that the residents of Hawaii could experience hurricane force winds, heavy rain and high surf.

A High Surf Forewarning has been issued for east-facing shores of Maui in advance of Hurricane Madeline.

"This looks like potentially the strongest tropical cyclone, which includes hurricanes and tropical storms, to approach very close to the coast in the past several years," said meteorologist Chris Brenchley with the Central Pacific Hurricane Center.

The warnings have been issues that these hurricanes would bring storms even worse than the storm Iselle in 2014. Tropical Storm Iselle brought down hundreds of Albizia trees on the Big Island and set off an estimated $79 million in damage. 

Ed Teixeira with Hawaii County Civil Defense said, "We're thinking things in the worst case scenario. We all have a tendency to think that the storm is going to weaken and old timers believe our mountains are going to be buffers."

The crews have prepared for the Tropical Storm Darby involving lot of tree trimming, helping in reducing damage in case the hurricanes, Madeline and Lester make a landfall. The National Hurricane Center has published instructions on what general public can do to set up their homes for the hurricanes.



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