Coronavirus: Doctor discusses relationship between 5G and COVID-19

In the above video Dr. Rashid Buttar first documents the difference between what 5G is and what we THINK it is, helping to make us realize that 5G is a massive microwave, a technology that is actually impacting our physiology beyond the level that most of us could ever comprehend. The studies showing the resulting effects on the heart, immune system, adrenals, brains and reproductive systems of humans and animals is clear. But it’s only the beginning.

Dr Buttar will show that 5G actually disrupts the calcium channels within cell membranes, making the COVID-19 and other enveloped viruses able to permeate the cell membrane more efficiently and rendering the resulting immune-compromised individual into a precarious and potentially life-threatening situation.

Beyond that, the above video documents all the places with the highest casualties attributed to the COVID-19 (excluding the deaths lied about by the mainstream media), in areas where 5G was first rolled out including Wuhan, Iran, and Italy. This video further documents the 5G industry has been riddled with conflict of interests and propagation of misinformation. The technology has been vehemently disapproved of and protested against by hundreds of scientists and doctors from all over the world. But these warnings have been ignored by the governmental agencies appointed to safeguard our health.


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