Weddings: How to make Best Man Speech funny

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My best friend Adam and I have been friends, since I was nine years old, and we have been through everything together. I was always known as the funny one. He was more kicked back and relaxed, and I was the class clown. It was almost like we were joined at the hip. Therefore, when he asked me to be his best man, I was beside myself with emotion. I was very happy that he finally found true love, and thought enough of me, to ask me to share it for him. However, since I am known as the funny type, I had to figure out how I could make my best man speech both funny and entertaining.

To come up with a solution to my upcoming best man speech. I thought of all the memorable moments, he and I had shared together. That could accomplish both of my goals of making my best man speech both funny and entertaining.

I thought back to a fishing trip, when we were only thirteen years old. The conversation that day, was deep, and we were discussing our plans for the future. What type of girls we were interested in, and what qualities they had to possess to keep our attention. What made this moment so special to me, was when I threw my line into the water, and accidentally hooked him in the arm. We were so caught up into the conversation, that neither of us was really paying attention, and I hooked him by accident. All was good, he didn’t get hurt too badly, and we ended up laughing so hard our sides were hurting.

Then I thought of how to keep the guests entertained in the process. I wanted to put some emotion into it as well, to show my best friend how much our friendship has meant to me over the years. Therefore, only one incident stood out over the rest.

I had taken a job when I was only eighteen, and it required me to travel with the company. I was over two thousand miles away from home. While I was away, I suffered injuries, due to a bad car accident. Once Adam heard about it, he left everything, to come stay with me in the hospital, and I have always been grateful to him for that.

Then I thought of Cindy, his bride, and how much she has matured him, and helped him grow. I of course told her how beautiful she looks, and that Adam has finally admitted that I am in-deed the best man. That little comment put a smile on everyone’s face, and kept the guests entertained as well.

If you are struggling with how to make your own best man speech both funny and entertaining, then just try to remember the good times. Think back on everything you and the groom have experienced together, and put those memories to good use. However, you also want to throw some emotion into it, to prove that the time you have spent together, meant a great deal to you. It is sure to be appreciated by everyone in attendance, but most importantly, your best friend.

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