Important Features to Consider When Buying Vaping Products

Breakneck speed is the least term that can be used to describe the intensity of the vaporizer market growth. In fact, this tremendous quick growth has made it difficult for regulations to keep up with the new products that are entering markets. While the number of dubious brands out there cannot be underestimated, it just points to the fact that all vapourizers are not equally created.

"[Vaping] is not FDA approved nor have there been enough adequate studies done to know what health risks truly exist," says Sherry Ross, MD, OB/GYN and Women’s Health Expert at Providence Saint John’s Health Center, to Bustle.

As a vaping consumer, it is your responsibility to put everything into consideration, with regard to the materials of the product as well as its claimed capabilities. Therefore, you may want to take time and choose the finest e-cigs in the market by considering the important tips provided by experts below.

Check Out For Pure Titanium

One of the strongest selling points put forward by wax pen manufacturers is using titanium to construct e-cigs. However, all titanium is not created equal. The truth is that the highest quality of titanium the first and second grades are quite costly. Therefore, the majority of those who use it in an actual sense only use titanium alloys.

When you encounter a wax pen in one of your expeditions, which does not have a label showing the grade of titanium often implies it’s an unknown alloy—that why it is very risky to breathe in liquid from cheaply made products.

"Inhaling from cheap vapourizers from no-name manufacturers is a scary idea," says Damon Inlow, owner of "They can not only burn [a vaper's] product, but they can be made with unsafe parts, wiring, or glues."

Most of the random metal alloys are untested and its long-term health effects are still unknown. You, therefore, stand a high risk of health complications that will only be realized much later by choosing portable vapourizers made from unknown alloys.

What Are Battery Control Technology Limits?

You must have encountered many vendors claiming their vapourizer batteries to offer users better temperature control allowing them to vape with greater flexibility. It is helpful to note that batteries with capabilities of temperature regulation are quite similar to titanium in two aspects: they are costly and difficult to produce. Save for a few brands, most of the temperature control batteries out there are literally a hoax.

Typically, these batteries function by sending a specific amount of voltage in the atomizer coil. With regard to how to keep holding down the vapourizer button, the temperature will continue rising and surpass the target temperature. This means the batteries are not self-regulating in terms of temperature as is claimed by most vendors.

According to the Surgeon General, one "risk to consider involves defective e-cigarette batteries that have been known to cause fires and explosions, some of which have resulted in serious injuries. Most of the explosions happened when the e-cigarette batteries were being charged."

In that regard, vapers stand to lose the effects of cannabinoids and terpenes, which are considered highly delicate flavours. Vendors should instead adapt to “temperature control” as a more accurate marketing term for their batteries. It is exactly what they do and not temperature regulation as they often claim.

Keep Off Teflon in Vaporizers

When the portable vapourizers were hitting the industry among legal adult use cannabis market, several brands were using Teflon as their non-stick coating on particular product parts. However, it was quickly discovered that Teflon often melts during use, exuding toxic gases and chemicals that include polymer fumes. When you vape such fumes, they can often result in complex health conditions like Teflon flu.

Also, it's important to know what juice base was used. "Vape juice comes in one of two types: PG or VG," says Peter Hyman, founder of Smokesmith Gear.

"This refers to type of base it has — either propylene glycerol or vegetable glycerin. VG juices are much thicker and can gum up the coils more easily. PG juices have more flavor intensity and produce more vapor (which is good or bad, depending on how new one is to vaping). But it is common for a beginner vaper to use the 'wrong' type of juice."

While most of the brands in the market today have been compelled to change their products by entirely doing away with Teflon, it is still important to ensure that any product you are considering buying does not contain Teflon.

Ensure it has a temperature control modifier

As e-cigarettes user continue to grow, manufacturers are finding more ways to better their products and today, many devices come with a temperature control setting. Therefore, while making a choice on which e-cigarettes to purchase, it’s important to ensure that your preferred option has a temperature control setting.

According to Business Matters, “It’s more healthy, as the high temperatures let more chemical reactions to take place... when it comes to how much formaldehyde is released when you vape. If you choose to set a certain temperature, then you can control how hot the coil gets.”

Choosing the right nicotine level

The nicotine level in e-cigs differs based on a variety of factors. A great methodology is to determine how heavy of a smoker you were.

According to Digital Trends, “Typically, e-juice comes in five different levels (3, 6, 12, 18, and 24mg). There is e-juice out there with zero nicotine, however, as well as juice with substantially more.”

“We’d recommend sticking with the standard levels first, and keep in mind that you may need to do some trial and error to find the right level for you.”

For smokers who smoke more than a pack of cigarettes a day, they might need a nicotine strength of about 18mg. However, quite a number of smokers need to begin at 24mg to get the right amount of nicotine, but it’s more advisable to begin with a low dose just to monitor how your body reacts.

“One neat thing that seems to happen as you vape longer is that your body typically starts to crave nicotine less — just watch your body for some of the aforementioned overdose symptoms. If you feel start to feel the effects, try lowering your nicotine level,” says Ed Oswald for Digital Trends.


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