Dating: sponsors Whites-Only Service in Toronto

You might like to read the following content of a Whites-Only dating service that has recently been published by  This service has been called "White Caucasian Elite Dating".  Is this service racist by only allowing white members of to join?  You be the judge.

"Although Toronto’s multicultural nature has multiple advantages where everyone can explore different cultures, traditions, and food from around the world we want to stay down to our roots and appreciate our own race as well.

We enjoy cultural diversity but want to have family and kids with someone who looks alike. There is nothing wrong with having a personal preference. When people say they’re just not attracted to a certain race, it's hard to question that. It is just a (sexual) preference.

Due to the nature of the dating, only well rounded candidates will be considered and invited to our events.

This dating meet-up group has been created for the purpose of pure time efficiency and practicality in dating for successful professionals who know what they want."



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