The Canadian: Collector editions become available

Are you interested in seeing what The Canadian’s print edition looks like? The Canadian is making copies of its first two print editions available, as collectors items. Make a member pledge of at least $50.00, then email us your request, in order to get these print editions, as gifts-by-request. LINK

The Canadian is an editorially independent and not-for-profit national newspaper, with an international readership. It is inspired by Canada’s very first newspaper called ‘Le Canadien’, that was founded in 1806.

Wikipedia notes Le Canadien [The Canadian] was “a French language newspaper published in Lower Canada from November 22, 1806 to March 14, 1810.”

Wikipedia also elaborates the following: “The newspaper was founded in Quebec City by lawyer Pierre-Stanislas Bédard and associates François Blanchet, Jean-Antoine Panet, Jean-Thomas Taschereau and Joseph Le Vasseur Borgia. All were members of the Parliament of Lower Canada at the time. The editor was Jean-Antoine Bouthillier.”

The newspaper quickly became the voice of the Parti canadien and democratic-inspired populist Canadian nationalism against colonialism.

On March 17, 1810, the press and the papers of the editorial office on rue Saint-François were seized by the government amidst apparent false allegations, designed to undermine this critical voice of Canadian nationalism.

Today, The Canadian and Le Journal Canadien (the French language edition), as a rejuvenated publications, are collectively committed to spreading social awareness on the vital importance of a sovereign Canada, reminiscent of the spirit of the former Le Canadien. The Canadian and Le Journal Canadien as not-for-profit public enterprise inspired national newspapers, seek to critically inform Canadians on areas of national public interest via a critical approach to mass-media coverage.

Indeed, the aspirations for a sovereign Canada had inspired the journalists of Le Canadien, as well as Tommy Douglas, former Prime Minister Trudeau, and other Canadians, toward the pursuit of the Canadian Dream. Trudeau had specifically referred this Canadian Dream, as the pursuit of a socially progressive ‘Just Society’.


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