Agora Books Presents 33 Tips From Book Publicists For Self-Published Authors

Common questions among self-published authors include how to sell more copies, reach more publication outlets, or garner more reviews. The answer seems to lie in hiring a book publicist. Here is a list of what professionals say about book publicists as presented by Agora Books.  If you’re seeking a high quality book self-publishing agency that will provide you with a hands-on service far better than the self-serve options provided by Create Space and other such companies online, then I suggest you contact Agora Books in Ottawa, Canada.

1. Marketing should not be an afterthought

Tracey Daniels, said, “To get the most bang for your marketing-and-publicity dollars, a professional book publicist needs to start working on the promotional campaign BEFORE publication date.”

2. Take your editing serious

Lisa Rodgers said, “If you have room in your budget, you can commission manuscript critiques ranging from developmental editing to line editing.”

3. Take time off your first draft

Melinda Clayton, said, “Think about it, re-read it, think about it some more. Make changes and edits as needed. The biggest mistake I see self-published authors make is rushing to publication.”

4. Be a team player

Sara Wigal said, “… it is important when partnering with your publicist to offer up info that may seem intuitive to you about your book… but your ideas are important contributions to the campaign.”

5. Read aloud

Sara Ann Shockley says, “Reading your manuscript out loud can really help you catch some of these things.”

6. Give serious thought to your book title

Joe Vitale said, “Titles are headlines. Write a headline that MAKES them (people) interested. Then back it up with a solid book that delivers.”

7. Get reviews for your book

Jeremy Soldevilla said, “Submit your ebook to at least 6 weeks before your publication date”.

8. Contact industry pros

Brooke Warner says, “Seek advice from people with industry experience before you publish. Industry people will tell you if a book “looks” self-published, a judgment you want to avoid even as you embrace indie authorship.”

9. The white spaces are important

Mark Givens mentions that “White space between sections is like a breath that allows the reader a moment before the next section begins.”

10. Book cover is very important

Joe Vitale said, “You can’t judge a book by its cover but you can SELL a book by its cover.

11. Make friends with fellow authors

Sara Wigal said, “Having author friends to support you by sharing your book reviews on Twitter…is how author brands grow.”

12. Grow your mailing list

Rusty Shelton mentioned that, “An engaged email list is one of the most important assets an author can have.”

13. Place the right price tag

Jessica Glenn pointed out that “As a self-published author, you won’t be making money based on the dollar/book value, you will make money on the volume of total sales.”

14. Offer giveaways

Dan Smith said, “Giveaways prompt call-ins to radio shows…and it’s a great way to generate interest in your book.”

15. Promotions

Shalyn Sattler said, “I recommend offering the eBook edition of your book for free for a period of time on Amazon.”

16. Respond to newspaper articles

Allen Klein said, “I responded to any newspaper article that had any sort of tie-in to the subject of my book. On time they included my book title in my response, giving me national coverage.”

17. Create a blog for your book

Hayley Greenhouse said, “…starting a blog is a great way to market your book…you can gain email subscribers and more people to try to sell your book to.”

18. Sell your book with gifts

NihurSuthar said, “I hand out bookmarks with inspirational quotes on them or useful book items like a book holder…Many people have learned about my book through these gifts.”

19. Be charitable with your book

Dennis Clause said, “Donate two copies to your local library…you can have local radio station put it on public service announcements, which is free for nonprofits.”

20. Go for presentations

Erica Olson said, “Presentations gives the audience a taste of my message and knowledge, so they feel more comfortable spending money on my book.”

21. Make your book title part of your email signature

Steve Turner said, “It lets your business colleagues, clients, friend, and others know that your wrote a book.”

22. Start marketing before your release

Cassie McGinty said, “Publicists at publishing houses begin sending out advanced reading copies and pitching trade, radio…anywhere from 4-6 months before a book’s release date.”

23. Regular press releases

Rachel M. Anderson said, “The reason for doing this is to keep your name top of mind for the media.”

24. Unify your social media

Dayna Anderson said, “Take the time to ensure your social media handles and domain name match.”

25. Use social media to your advantage

Erin Jay said, “Make sure you have a Facebook author or book page and promote it on social media.”

26. Be active in your social media

ArdiAlspach said, “Uneven or inconsistent social media presence is worse than having nothing at all.”

27. Make your book look professional

Drue Hoffman said, “If you want to be treated as a professional, then you need to look like one. Everything needs to be professionally presented, your cover, content…etc.”

28. Billboard Advertisement

Brian Dwyre said, “Some of the unorthodox approaches I have taken to getting my products known includes posting two billboards.”

29. Automate your social media

Ross Rojek said, “Automate your social media using tools like Buffer and Quuu…and it gains you followers little bylittle.”

30. Link your book to trending topic

David Johnson said, “One of the best things an author can do to market their book and generate publicity for it…is to tie the book into something in the news.”

31. Link the theme of your book to something physical

Leah Angstman said, “If you are writing about food, add recipes; make pot holders and recipe cards for a special package.”

32. Ask for feedback

“Elizabeth Singer Hunt said, “Before you move into the production of your book, you should first get feedback on your manuscript.”

33. Raise excitement through video trailer

Tracey Bond said, “Video trailers for books should attract, engage, entertain, impact and interact with your ideal readers.”

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