Authors Choose Agora Books over Amazon KDP for Better Human Interaction

Since the dawn of the digital age, technology has opened up new possibilities changing the way businesses communicate with their customers.

However, for aspiring authors, getting a highly successful self-published book can be quite a difficult task. With similar publishing services such as Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) beginning to adopt a more digital experience for customer interaction, there is the tendency to overlook a simple fact that gives platforms such as Agora Books the edge.

While the implementation of chatbots for customer interaction seems like a fascinating idea, but human interaction is still the most preferred choice as communicating by voice is faster, easier, and more effective than typing messages back and forth.

According to Harvard Business Review, “Humans generally speak at 125-175 words per minute and can listen at a rate of up to 450 words per minute. In contrast, the average typist does 38-40 words per minute — and that’s on a full-fledged keyboard, not on a mobile phone.”

For authors, increasing the success rate of their book requires a lot of planning, preparation and good old-fashioned hard work before placing it on the market, and after hitting the shelves there is still the need to diligently follow up on book sales, restrategizing wherever necessary. Thus, there are various reasons why human interaction is the most preferred choice for authors.

Here are a few reasons why authors in Ottawa would choose the human interaction offered by Agora Books over Amazon KDP:

1. Customer Preferences

In the younger generations, quite a number of people are warming up to the use of automated forms of customer service through mediums such as chatbots. However, human interaction is overall still the most preferred choice.

According to the Global Consumer Pulse Research from Accenture Strategy, “83 percent of consumers prefer human interaction over digital channels when trying to resolve a customer service issue.” Despite the ability for Amazon’s KDP chatbot to respond to queries faster or provide similar answers, it simply cannot provide the same feeling and assurance that speaking to a human at Agora Books provide.

2.  Offline Accessibility

For Amazon’s KDP chatbot, it requires internet connection before it can be accessed. For example, you would need to either download the app or visit their website to initiate a conversation with the chatbot or access the knowledge base content.

However, this isn’t highly reliable as in the event of poor internet connectivity, human based customer service would always provide the authors with the required support.

3.  Human Empathy

Amazon’s KDP chatbot is built on a framework loaded with different algorithms and scripts, but no amount of those would be enough to replace a human’s distinct ability to read subtle details from a person’s mood or language.

For example, if an author calls in and begins to panic due to poor sales during the first day of publishing, even the most advanced chatbot would never be able to replicate the warm, calm and empathetic response that a customer service representative would provide.

Additionally, in the cases of delayed publishing, having a conversation with an actual person who not only provides a detailed explanation but apologizes for the err can greatly appease the customer unlike interacting with a chatbot.

4.  Better handling of complexities

Amazon’s KDP chatbot is capable of providing authors with basic help on quite a number of common issues, but unlike Agora Books, they are incapable of resolving every challenge that authors often need assistance solving.

A typical example would be an author requiring help deciding what name would be best for a biography a deceased loved one, and also have questions about cover design royalty rates and marketing techniques—with each question leads to the next. This multitude request by the customer is more than the capability of a chatbot.

Just as stated previously, a human agent can sympathize with an author wherever necessary before proceeding to provide detailed responses to each and every query.


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