Ottawa Book Expo 2020 welcomes new vendors

The Ottawa Book Expo is coming back in June 2020 and it wants you to be a part of it! In celebration of Canada’s best local talent and literary businesses, the Ottawa Book Expo is looking for exhibitors to showcase the diverse progressiveness of the local literary scene.

Just imagine it: local, home-grown authors who are often overlooked, literary products, small publishing companies and various independent book retailers all come together to celebrate the best of Ottawa’s love for literacy. It’s a dream for authors and literary businesses to be represented in a showcase that isn’t secondary to mainstream authors and publishers.

The Ottawa Book Expo is perfect for authors who are looking to introduce their work to a bigger audience. If you’re like thousands of authors before you, all you want is for your work to succeed and be recognized by readers all over the world. The Ottawa Book Expo is your chance to reach a larger crowd and be visible to global agents who could see your book’s potential and help you reach the global stage.

The festival of literary celebration will take place in the breathtaking Lansdowne Park. The Book Expo will celebrate a day of tuning out the city and the pressures of life and simply living in between the pages of a book in a lush field of greenery.

The Expo is also a great way for you to learn new techniques, especially if you own a budding literary business. The Book Expo aims to create a community among local literary businesses to encourage a sense of camaraderie and establish a long-standing culture of literacy in Ottawa.

The Ottawa Book Expo is a great opportunity to establish yourself in the literary scene. Often, people forget that in order to succeed in this business you must have connections within the literary network to help you out. Due to the wide variety of literary businesses present in the event, it is essentially a great first step into meeting new partners. The Expo is also the perfect place to market your work, gain publicity and talk to like-minded individuals.

 People often forget that although print books have been around since Gutenberg printed the Latin Bible in 1455, the industry of books is dynamic and constantly changing. The Ottawa Book Expo is your chance to learn about the latest technological advancements in writing to improve your work. There are also a variety of new ways to publish books and your work, which you can learn by mingling with different authors and publishers.

The Expo will focus on the priorities of book retailers, which will help publishers, authors and smaller retailers determine ways that will help them become more successful in the industry. There is a great opportunity for you to add to your repertoire of literary knowledge and learn new ways to market your work that bigger, more successful authors, publishers, and book retailers employ.

The event will also be a great starting point for you to learn how to engage with different readers of all levels. There is a great opportunity of forming new friendships, connections, and partnerships within the diverse literary network. Becoming part of the literary network will help you learn ways to adapt to the ever-changing literary culture.

The Expo also encourages authors who write about minorities and marginalized parts of the community to exhibit your work. There is progress only when diversity is embraced and there are solutions only when problems are identified. Often, authors who write about diversity and social issues are overlooked.

The Ottawa Book Expo aims to deliver a diverse range of literary work to further widen the scope of literary culture. The coming together of diverse literary works ensures that there is something for every reader. Readers from all over Canada will flock in support of locally grown authors which mean you have a diverse audience for your work.

For publishers, who knows? One of the exhibiting authors or readers perusing the stands could be the next big author you’ve been waiting for.

If you would like to be a part of the Ottawa Book Expo and apply as an exhibitor, reach out through the website: Slots are limited and there are plenty of authors and literary businesses lining up to get a chance to be a part of Ottawa’s literary history.



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