Toronto Book Expo 2020 Helps Authors with Book Self-Publishing Service

Agora Publishing teams up with Toronto Book Expo to provide an accessible self-publishing service at the 2020 multicultural literary event. Aspiring and hopeful authors alike will be given access to a competent self-publishing company. The presence of the self-publishing service will give authors and aspiring authors the opportunity to consider self-publishing their work.

The Toronto Book Expo aims to illuminate a path toward a better way to publishing your work alongside Agora Publishing.

Although a lot of doubt surrounds self-publishing, this is often due to the fact that most self-publishing companies do not care about how your book turns out. In true support of the literary community, the Toronto Book Expo has made sure that authors—whether published or aspiring, are aware of companies like Agora Publishing.

Contrary to most of the self-publishing companies you’ll come across, Agora Publishing offers a cesspool of helpful information for aspiring self-published authors. The company offers various workshops and informational guides to self-publishing to fully prepare you for the challenges of self-publication.

The literary industry is highly competitive. It is for this very reason that thousands of aspiring authors face failure on a daily basis. There is only a small percentage of chance that the work you submitted will get published. As a result, plenty of authors wait years before their work gets published—if at all.

This can be incredibly disheartening especially when the literary work of the aspiring author itself isn’t the problem. Plenty of potentially good books go unpublished each year. The problem lies in recognition and whether your views align with the publisher’s.

Published authors face a similar dilemma as well. Traditional publishers often restrict an author’s rights to their work. This includes creative authority from the book’s cover to the way it is promoted and most importantly—financial matters.

Traditionally published authors often earn a significantly small royalty for every sale of their book. This might not be a problem if you’re a multi-time bestselling author. However, truth be told, even best-selling authors have a difficult time making a stable living off of their meagre royalties.

There are multiple benefits to self-publishing. Perhaps the most important benefit would be having complete creative control over your work on top of being able to retain all the rights to your intellectual property.

Compared to traditional publishing companies, self-publishing companies do not retain any rights to your intellectual property. Basically, their services are limited to publishing your work according to your specifications. While this sounds appealing, you should be careful of self-publishing companies that offer side-services like barcode generation, cover art design and many more.

Bear in mind that unless you’re working with a company like Agora Publishing that only has your best interests in mind, you’ll likely be spending money on meagre additional services.

The appeal of Agora Publishing is that unlike most self-publishing companies, it was established by an accomplished author with the goal to help authors and aspiring authors. It is extremely rare to find a company that truly cares about the direction your book goes after publication.

Among the many benefits of self-publication is the opportunity to earn more per sale of your book. This doesn’t mean you should go crazy with the pricing of your work. However, you are able to gain a better royalty per sale of your book due to the fact that you’re generally paying for the publishing company to manufacture your book.

The additional royalties can go towards promotion and marketing features for your book to maximize your sales. This means that your book is most likely to succeed if you put in enough time and work into it.

Self-publishing can be a terrifying thing to think about. In all honesty, very few self-published authors are actually successful and are able to make a living off of writing. However, that was before the presence of self-publishing companies like Agora.

The Toronto Book Expo encourages and enables authors and aspiring authors to pursue their goals through self-publishing.

True success in the literary world can only be achieved with perseverance and arming yourself with companies and a community that will help you succeed in the literary industry.

What are you waiting for? Book a ticket and apply to be an author at the Toronto Book Expo in 2020 now!


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