5 Reasons to Visit Aruba

Aruba belongs to the Netherlands is in the heart of the Caribbean and it shows a mixture of nature and civilization hardly seen anywhere else. Either if you choose Aruba to enjoy a peaceful week away from any other activity but resting or if you choose it because you want to take your adrenaline for a ride, I can assure you the option couldn’t have been better.

# 1 – A Geology lesson

I used to think that Geology was a boring issue, until Aruba gave me a relaxing lesson in situ. Did you know there was a Stonehenge of Aruba? Neither did I. You can reach there by car since the streets are paved. These stones that form part of the history of Aruba are in Arikok National Park. Therefore, when you plan your visit, I recommend that you leave some time to walk around this incredible green area and to have a picnic in the area which serves such purpose. Apart from this emblem of the Caribbean country, other naturally sculptures the Earth has made are the Natural Bridge, Hooiberg and the rock formations in Ayo and Casibari.

# 2 – Sunset cruise

We booked a cruise on a sailing boat to watch one of the most beautiful gifts of nature: the sunset. The crew welcomed us in Pelican Pier and showed us where we could take a seat. During the voyage, there were snacks, an open bar, ambient music and a soft breeze, also included in the price, to guarantee an experience to cater for all the five senses. 

# 3 – The nightlife

Provided that your identifications says you’re at least eighteen, you can take this tour that takes you to enjoy what Aruba has to offer when the sun sets and the lights are switched on. One of the advantages of such a tour, apart from the champagne and the Caribbean dinner before the glorious departure moment, is that you don’t have to plan your night or worry about how to get safe transport after certain times. The package includes the drinks in each of the pubs visited and your guide will gossip about some curiosities of the area. At the end, you’re returned safe and sound, although the amount of alcohol in your organism is up to you, to your hotel.

# 4 –Cozy restaurants

Apart from offering a wide selection of Dutch, Asian and French cuisine, Aruba has the peculiarity of having restaurants with special rules or attractions. For example, we discovered that Carte Blanche Restaurant only receives fourteen diners at a time and that all of them are kindly seated at a bar where they can try all the delicacies specially prepared for them. If you prefer something more pedagogic, then you can try The Kitchen Table by White, a restaurant where you dish is prepared before your eyes.

# 5 – Art and culture at the museums

Talented artists have left their marks at museums such as EtniaNativa or Museum of Industry. The tradition and the history of the county are portrayed within the walls that tell us the history of gold, oil and phosphate. The Museum of Industry is ideal to be visited with kids since it has some multimedia installation that makes learning a good fun experience.


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