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South Carolina Resident Describes Scary Abduction Experience

Date: 06 November, 2019.

Place: Edgefield, State of South Carolina, United States.

Days ago, on 06 November, an eerie incident occurred in the small town of Edgefield, South Carolina.

According to an anonymous testimony posted on Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) online database, a local resident claimed to have had a close encounter with a group of alien entities while climbing a mountain near the town.

“I went up onto a small mountain, the only one in the area. The terrain in the area is almost flat, except for this mountain, which is approximately 650 feet in elevation. It was my third trip in as many days to this spot where I often would go to contemplate and relax while looking out over the horizon in every direction”, the man described. “I can't tell you why at this point I began to become stressed and felt as though I was being followed. […] I walked over to a large boulder and sat down on it and lowered my head to relax and pray. It was no more than two minutes when I noticed the movement out of the corner of my eye and realised I was not alone”, he added.

According to the South Carolina resident, a strange light hovered over the mountain and landed near him. “I tilted my head slightly and that is when I noticed the red light, approximately 50 to 75 feet away hovering at around 575 feet of elevation up against the mountain yet not on it. There was no shape that could be made of it, yet it made this steady low hum/whirling noise”, he expressed. “I counted: there were two [beings] at the vehicle, seemingly looking inside; […] two more were at my right flank, approximately 25 yards away and two to my left. Two more came moving up the road”, he asserted.

“As I prayed, I noticed them slowly making their way closer and closer until after about 15 minutes, three or four stood around me. They spoke to each other audibly; it sounded like English but I could not make out what they were saying to each other through the muffled tone or something”, the American explained. “It is very hard to describe, knowing they are speaking English, knowing I could hear them yet my mind could not decipher it, which makes no sense at all”, he commented.

However, this encounter wasn’t over yet. “I drove home. When I arrived home everyone was asleep in the house. I laid down considering the events of the night so far, questioning every move and moment. That is when I felt the first hand touch my foot. I felt something -I would call a small prick on the inside of my right leg closer to my ankle”, the man affirmed. “Slowly, I felt something extremely small make its way up my leg and eventually into my lungs where it moved around for at least an hour. There were three to four there at the time around me”, he stated.

“They continued to check me out at this point up until close to daylight. At a certain point they just left; they didn’t walk away but they moved away into what must have been a dimension or a cloak of some sort”, the witness said. “This is the little bit of what I decided to tell”, he continued.

Draw your own conclusions…

For more information: https://mufoncms.com/cgi-bin/report_handler.pl?req=view_long_desc&id=104329&rnd=


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