Letters and Editorials
Letters and Editorials

Artificial Intelligence: How Ottawa Truck Convoy Supports an Alien Agenda

Posted on 19 February 2019

Let's talk about this truck convoy that came into our nation's capital today.
According to these cross-Canada protesting truck drivers, they support "job creation".
Yes, indeed.  These truck diverse support a job creation strategy which supports the destruction of our planet.
How many of these same truck drivers do you think would donate to cleaning-up the inevitable oi ...

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Some Reasons to Hire Investigative Journalists over Lawyers in Canada

Posted on 10 January 2019

Lawyers are known to charge high fees. For most of the general populace, $300 - $700 per hour  is exorbitant enough to keep them from accessing the services of a lawyer. This is just but one reason people seek an alternative. Lawyers investigate the hard facts about a case, by digging in the evidence of both the client and any other interested party, combing through documents with t ...

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Drugs Other Than Cannabis Are Too Hazardous to Legalize

Posted on 05 January 2019

Robert Mann is a professor at the Dalla Lana School of Public Health. Read a different view of drug legalization by Akwasi Owusu-Bempah, in the department of sociology at U of T Mississauga. Last month, by legalizing cannabis, Canada launched a massive, country-wide experiment. While the results won’t be known for years, some advocates are already calling for a broader push to ...

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Canada Should Legalize All Recreational Drugs

Posted on 04 January 2019

Akwasi Owusu-Bempah is a professor in the department of sociology at U of T Mississauga. Read a different view of drug legalization by Robert Mann, a professor at the Dalla Lana School of Public Health. Why are most recreational drugs illegal? If the rationale for the war on drugs is to decrease drug use, it hasn’t worked. It hasn’t stopped the production or importation of ...

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Mandela Effect: Archons Move Australia Creating Southern Ocean

Posted on 04 January 2019

There is something going on my fellow human beings which makes Global Warning look like a simple problem.  That's the so-called "Mandela Effect" which now appears to be associated with the moving of Australia northward, creating a so-called "Southern Ocean".

The Mandela Effect appears in apparent mass psychological operation design to fool the masses that all of the evidence associated ...

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Abused Woman Case Demonstrates Widespread Corruption Among Canada's Judges

Posted on 02 January 2019

I wish great health, happiness and fortune to my fellow Canadians this New Year!  However, it is with continued shock and horror I would like to share with you a story which betrays the extent of corruption among many of Canada's Judges.
Thanks to these corrupt Judges Dezrin Carby-Samuels [above photo] has been forced to endure unspeakable abuse and torture at the hands of her own h ...

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Amazon Pursues Data Mining In the Name of Security

Posted on 25 December 2018

Amazon started off as an online bookseller.  But it's apparent that "bookselling" was a great front for its ever-expanding apparent data mining operation.  When Amazon first started, book selling was a big money losing operation.  The "real money" was in using user's data for all kinds of apparent nefarious commercial activities unknown the Amazon's client base.
I man ...

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Ottawa Becoming Canada's Dirtiest City - Mayor Jim Watson to Blame

Posted on 24 December 2018

My fellow residents of Ottawa.
Isn't about time we began to discuss why this city is becoming every so dirty.
Toronto is over five times larger than Ottawa.
Yes, downtown Ottawa in some places is more than 5 times dirtier.
And, I'm not including Gatineau, when I refer to dirt and fifth in the Ottawa area.
Downtown Gatineau is immaculate.  As a matter of fact, ever time ...

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Fred Carby: How An Evil Middle Class Jamaican Turned His Back on Tortured Sister

Posted on 28 December 2018

The Christmas Season is about bringing families together.
And, since it's just before Christmas, let me share you a story that makes me ashamed to be Jamaican.  It is a story of how Fred Carby, an affluent and now retired Jamaican dentist who resides in Richmond Hill, Ontario, teaches us about evil and true hypocrisy. 
As a result of Mr Carby's apparent evil ways ...

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A call for free movement between Canada, the UK, Australia and New Zealand

Posted on 20 December 2018

The four countries listed above have a good number of things in common. They speak the same language, they have the same common law legal system, with the same respect for human rights. The parliamentary systems of each of these four countries are very similar. The same thing goes with their identical Westminster style. Even their economic growth rates are very close and similar too. Looking ...