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Letters and Editorials

When Justice is only for the Rich

Posted on 18 September 2018

Too poor to afford a lawyer, but not poor enough to qualify for legal aid, this has been the situation for several years for thousands of people living in Canada. Hourly rates for Canadian lawyers could go as high as $450, which means a five-day long civil litigation is very much guaranteed to break the bank for the average middle-income earner and according to reports on cbc.ca, is “roughl ...

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CAQ's Attack on English-Speakers Exposes Corruption Behind Federal Bilingual Policy

Posted on 09 September 2018

A Coalition Avenir Quebec (CAQ) government would give new immigrants three years to learn French, or else leave the province, according to party leader Francois Legault.

Legault explained that newcomers would be issued a temporary certificate, and would then have three years to take free French classes and pass a basic test.

The CAQ government is concerned that with the arrival of n ...

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7 Ways To Get Involved in Local Politics And Protect Democracy

Posted on 05 September 2018

(NC) Many of us are increasingly dismayed by the erosion of democracy. Sometimes, we don’t realize what has happened until it’s too late and that’s a little like closing the barn door after the cows have escaped. Sometimes it can feel that we have little power, and perhaps on a large scale, that is true. But where citizens can truly have an impact is at the grassroots level, whe ...

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Gmail AI Now Has Reply Ready for Emails Before You Do!

Posted on 05 September 2018

I predict sometime in the future Gmail will scan your email and have suggested replies ready.

Oh, I`m sorry.  That won't be in the future.

That is now!

Today I just checked out the new version of Gmail.

But when I "clicked" to see one email message to me, Google's Artificial Intelligence (A9) was already suggesting the following replies:

"Thank you!"< ...

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Ontario's Woefully Corrupt Lawyers Should Be Regulated Like Doctors

Posted on 02 September 2018

In Ontario we are educated to think that in this province and country we have rights which are strongly asserted by our Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

But I don't care how dire situation you're in for needing a lawyer, the thing in their minds that often comes out of their mouths are "are you going to be able to pay me?"
In my view, we need a system in which lawyers are ...

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Alien Cover-Up Conceals Artificial Intelligence War on the Environment

Posted on 24 August 2018

If there's a cover-about "UFOs" and aliens, how credible can the elites be on any matter of planetary importance?
As many leaders decry their concern in front of cameras about "Global Warming" and sometimes even pollution, they allegedly will fire any scientists who seeks to explore an apparent conspiracy to intentionally pollute soils along with global environment.

Most people be ...

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Detective Robert Griffin: How Ottawa's Dirty Cop Helped Me Abuse My Wife

Posted on 04 September 2018

PLEASE NOTE: The following article doesn't reflect the views of The Canadian or its writers
Are you an average guy who likes to abuse his wife?
After all, I'm Jamaican.  I can't help myself.
Let me tell you about a great experience I had with an Ottawa cop who helped me abuse my wife and kept my meddling son from stopping me.
His name is Detective Robert G ...

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UFO Movements For Disclosure Are Dysfunctional For These Reasons

Posted on 13 August 2018

Watching advocates demand "Disclosure" is for me a bit like watching a truck drive down the wrong way of a one-way street at full speed.  It is apparent that these same advocates who often demand "Disclosure" don't seem to ever discuss how much their "movement" may have been subjected to manipulation by the very regressive aliens which these advocates allege work "behind the scene ...

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Ontario Judges Suffer From Corruption - Cameras Needed in Courtroom

Posted on 04 August 2018

Most people in Ontario would assume that our courts in Ontario are among the most ethical and responsible in the word.  After all, we, in Canada have been empowered by our Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, and our democratic values relies on our Judges who pride themselves on being totally neutral adjudicators of our court system.  Well, I can't blame you for thinking this ...

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Metro Should Convert Adonis Public Health Nightmare in Gatineau into a Dominion

Posted on 30 July 2018

Adonis in Gatineau opened up just several months.  For weeks its parking lots were full.  But then came the Hepatitis A scares; and now the parking lots has become comparatively sparse.

The Adonis Inc. chain opened its first location on Maloney Boulevard in Gatineau this spring and has been the subject of multiple recalls in the last two months.

The recalls have warned peop ...