Bitcoins Enthusiasts Pursue Tourist Destinations

Posted on 12 June 2019

Today, there are several tourist destinations that have already begun adopting the Bitcoin cash (BCH) as a ‘universal currency’—considering its low fees and instant transactions—with European country Slovenia already becoming a leader in BCH adoption. Bitcoin cash is a global currency that facilitates numerous payments and businesses, particularly in the hospitality industry—wher ...


Video: Montreal Offers a Fabulous Tourist Destination This Summer

Posted on 09 June 2019

Are you seeking a fabulous tourist destination this summer?
I invite you to check out Montréal.
Montréal offers a great cosmopolitan vibe in a vibrant French-speaking cultural milieu.
It's a large city but has a relaxed atmosphere.

My favourite part of Montréal is the Plateau which is in the downtown area.
It's the home of many great restaurants.

The video above will p ...


Top 5 Reasons to Visit Nunavut

Posted on 20 May 2019

Nunavut is the cradle of Inuit culture, so it’s the best place from where to absorb its essence. Visitors to the area become witnesses of their own inner transformation thanks to the effect of nature at the deepest levels of consciousness. There are plenty of reasons to come to the ends of the earth to enjoy the delights of the north area of Canada. Would you like to discover them? Co ...


Top U.S. Casino Travel Destinations

Posted on 03 May 2019

What I really love when on a pleasure trip is combining some learning and productive activities with the leisure hours on the sand or the crazy moments in front of a slot machine. That is the reason why I made sure of choosing a destination instead of simply a casino hotel when we decided to do a gambling trip. The best U.S. casino destinations to blow up your mind #1 – Reno, Neva ...


5 Reasons to Visit Aruba

Posted on 30 April 2019

Aruba belongs to the Netherlands is in the heart of the Caribbean and it shows a mixture of nature and civilization hardly seen anywhere else. Either if you choose Aruba to enjoy a peaceful week away from any other activity but resting or if you choose it because you want to take your adrenaline for a ride, I can assure you the option couldn’t have been better. # 1 – A Geology lesso ...


Top 5 Canadian Casino Travel Destinations

Posted on 26 April 2019

Apart from offering awesome natural sceneries and culturally vibrant cities, Canada also knows how to play. I travelled there to discover that a casino can truly be an entertainment temple instead of just a monotonous milieu for gambling. Therefore, I think it’s time to share such experience with the world. # 1 – Niagara Falls Gambling and admiring the Falls can go hand-in-hand. W ...


5 Reasons to visit Romania

Posted on 13 April 2019

You may think that by paying one quick visit to this medium-size country, you’ll be able to see everything that pays off the effort of packing and flying there. That’s quite a misconception! I’ve travelled there three times already and I can swear you that every time I return, I discover a new nook that had been lurking in the city or in the natural lattice of peculiar tiles of History ...


Five reasons to visit Austria

Posted on 09 April 2019

Land of fairies, pastries and lands taken from your most peaceful dreams, Austria doesn’t need to be on top of the world in literal meaning: it has proved that from the depth of a valley a region can be as starry and the sky. #1 –Innsbruck If magic exists, Innsbruck knows about that. I personally find that contrasts are the source of creativity, so I was speechless to see how the ...


5 Reasons to Visit Kingston, Ontario

Posted on 08 April 2019

After having spent three days in the beautiful Toronto, we wondered why not visiting the oldest city of Ontario. So we rented a car and we drove two hours to discover something more than a city: we found a new world within the boundaries of Kingston. #1 - Ghostly mystery tour As soon as the bus started to jut out in the least known Kingston’s paths, I remembered the son by The Beat ...


Top Romantic Destinations across the Globe

Posted on 05 April 2019

Are you stuck in the endless cycle of travelling to only two places – office and home? Wondering how to break free from the monotony of your mundane routine and rekindle your zeal for life? Then wait no more and plan a romantic vacation with your significant other to revive the charm in your relationship and rejuvenate your souls. Here are some of the highly recommended romantic destination ...