Mandela Effect: Archons Move Australia Creating Southern Ocean

There is something going on my fellow human beings which makes Global Warning look like a simple problem.  That's the so-called "Mandela Effect" which now appears to be associated with the moving of Australia northward, creating a so-called "Southern Ocean".

The Mandela Effect appears in apparent mass psychological operation design to fool the masses that all of the evidence associated with documented evidence of humans on this planet having experienced a former reality are somehow all "false memories".

Yes, false memories if everyone nowadays drinks rum punch, scotch and take LSD all day resulting in an apparent epidemic of "false memories".

I first started investigating this issue when a friend of mine originally from India who has been studying the prevailing apparent manipulation of reality that is going on told me that he became shocked to learn that there is now a so-called "Great Wall of India" that is now reportedly the second longest wall to the 'Great Wall of China'.

He says he never heard of it and no one he knows from India ever heard of it either.

So, then I began to wonder if the Mandela Effect has spread into planetary geography in other areas, and to my shock it has been.

I began to see all kinds of videos documenting whole continents moving and parts of the globe changing geographical configurations.

Now, I have been drawing world maps in my head from I was six years old.  And Geography became one of my specializations in University.

At no time was there ever a "Southern Ocean".  But all of a sudden this Ocean is on the internet as having been there all along -- quite shocking.

As the above video documents, Australia as the "Land Down Under" used to be closer to Antarctica.  But now, in this reality or alien simulation of some kind, Australia has been moved so far northwards that there is now sufficient space between landmasses to create a new ocean named "Southern Ocean".

As David Icke implores, people need to start waking up.  "We're not in Kansas Anymore" to borrow a line from the Wizard of Oz.

Please see video below for other "Mandela Effect" examples.


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