Stunning wedding dress trends 2019

Most fashion designers would vouch for designing wedding dresses, and most feel that it is an absolute pleasure to design these lovely and impeccable costumes that turn the world into a fairy tale.

Filled with the finest shades of white, and even other adventurous, unconventional colours, here’s a list of the season’s most stunning wedding dress trends. There is a lot of new, as well as the old with a touch of the modern. So, sit back, and hold your breath!

The eternal love for lace

Who doesn’t love lace? Especially, more so, if it is for a wedding dress. Lace never goes out of fashion, only the way it is used keeps evolving through the fashion seasons. Lace wedding dresses have evolved through the years, and never seem to lose their ethereal charm. This season, we have lace wedding dresses that do great justice to the bride’s figure. Delicately layered lace wedding dresses are in this season, and the bride-to-be is certainly spoilt for choice. These contemporary styled lace wedding dresses come in a medley of designs, from polka dotted laces to floral patterns. Wedding dresses have never looked so fashionable, classy and delicate all at once.

Fabulous Bows

One thing that has caught everyone’s eye this bridal season is the bow. These beautifully designed loops have added that much needed elegance to  contemporary bridal wear. And it’s not just about having a bow around the waist. Fashionable bows can adorn any part of a wedding dress, and the more adventurous, the better. These are bows that can be enormous, and yet appealing. They can caress the bride over her shoulders, stay fastened on her back, or sit prettily close to her chest. Either way, bows on wedding dresses are here to stay.

Fun, exaggerated sleeves

This bridal season, tune in to the enormous, exaggerated sleeves. With playful, fluffy layers of tulle, these wedding dresses make for light-hearted and yet beautiful wedding wear. For those who love the unconventional, these resplendent wedding dresses with their exaggerated sleeves serve a festive purpose.

Geometric wedding dresses

Trendy and all new geometric wedding dresses are much the rage this season. The good news is these geometric designs don’t take away the fairy-tale feel of a wedding, but they simply add a contemporary and sleek touch. Here we’re seeing more of sleek, modern cuts and patterns, and dresses that go with the times. Witness fashion technology at its best with these finely cut and designed geometric wedding dresses.

A touch of blush

A light touch of blush does wonders to a wedding dress, and which bride wouldn’t want to glow in the halo of a light blush? The colour says it all, and the more subtle, the more magical and beautiful. A touch of blush goes fabulously with all shades of whites, and as it peeps out of intricate layers of laces, or stays blended with layers of satin, the colour continues to be an eternal favourite with brides all over the world.


A little glitter does no harm to a wedding attire, and a little more certainly enhances its stunning appeal. This season there’s a lot of glitter-filled wedding dresses to choose from, and if you like to shine like a star on your wedding day, you have it all on a dazzling platter of tasteful choices.

Wedding dresses are evolving rapidly every season, and with each season comes a splendid collection that keeps you dazzled and in love with this timeless, ethereal piece of clothing.


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