Japan's nuke meltdown caues cow mass deaths

As more and more news agencies venture into the 10 km Exclusion Zone we see images of ghost towns abandoned in the middle of a thought, tea cups left half drunk, and snacks for children for after their last day of school just lying there.

Many thousands of people are dead or still missing, all that is left of friends and relatives are damaged pictures. The ones who survived and left their homes are still in shelters and it will be some time before housing can be built so they feel they can start creating their lives over. That is those that feel they can even start over.

Family farms will never be workable again at least not in their lifetimes, animals are contaminated the ground not plant-able.

Internet site reference: http://twolittlecavaliers.com/2011/04/cows-dying-in-fukushima.html


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