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Aliens: Researcher Alleges Finding Old Earth Before Mandela Effects in New Earth

Many things have been said about the Mandela Effect and how it has been affecting our lives. However, for those who are not aware of this phenomenon, it consists in a series of experiences that many people have had about an alternate reality –that some researchers have called “Old Earth”- which some suggest is a product of a massive alien abduction.

Regarding this, in a recent video, YouTube user and researcher One Harmony claims to have “found the Old Earth” in a group of images and videos he analysed. According to him, several pictures and animations show our Solar System in a place near the centre of our galaxy. Nonetheless, he says that only a few years ago our planetary neighbourhood was located in the outskirts of the Milky Way.

“I remember us here”, he said while showing a picture from 1997 in which it is possible to see that the Solar System is located in the outer border of the galaxy. “According to NASA and everybody today, this picture is completely wrong. However, this is deadly accurate, this is the way I remember it”, the man affirmed.

Later he showed a more recent picture in which the Sun is located halfway between the centre of the galaxy and its outskirts. “From the Sun to the centre is now 25,000 light-years, and from the Sun to the outskirts there is now 25,000 light-years, too”, he claimed. He then concluded that there are two versions of the Earth that are not aware of each other. “As you remember, we cannot see through the centre of the galaxy, so these two Earths are completely hidden from each other”, he explained.

“How the human anatomy and the planet geography have changed? How some people that we believed were dead now they are alive? The answer is: because this is a mirror Solar System; it is basically a copy”, the YouTube user expressed. “That is why everything seems the same but things are slightly different”, he continued.

Draw your own conclusions…

For more information: http://www.agoracosmopolitan.com/news/headline_news/2019/01/09/13405-mass-alien-abduction-event-on-the-real-earth-may-have-produced-mandela-effects.html



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