SOPA and Canada: NWO archons seek to use Harper's majority to destroy Internet from back door


As early as next week, the same corporations that tried to sabotage our online freedom in Washington are trying their luck in Ottawa - but our movement is perfectly poised to kill this latest threat. Two weeks ago 3 million Avaazers helped beat back America's global attack on our Internet -- now is our chance to win again on our home turf.

Canada’s new SOPA-like law would let corporations go after media sharing sites like YouTube - and could even deny Internet access for citizens merely accused of infringing copyright laws! MPs have tried to pass this law three times before and failed -- if we can target Parliament’s most vulnerable conservative MPs and show them that Internet censorship could cost them votes and even their re-election, we can save our Internet again.

Parliament could vote on the bill this as early as next week -- let’s raise a massive national call to the weakest Harper MPs and force them to bow out of the vote to save their own skin:

This is the biggest threat yet to Internet freedom in Canada - if passed, the new copyright bill could make transferring movies from a DVD to an iPad a $5,000 crime! It could even allow corporations to hunt down legitimate media sharing sites like YouTube for allegedly “enabling” copyrights infringement. Experts say the new law not only erodes our consumer rights, but also puts a stranglehold on society’s creativity by stifling the free flow of ideas - bad for businesses and for people.

It's the same U.S. lobby groups that lost their censorship fight in America who have brought the battle to Canadian soil. And to emerge victorious this time, they've lashed out a credible threat to the Harper government: pass this repressive law or else Canada will be kept out of a trans-Pacific trade agreement that Harper’s eager to sign onto. But instead of defending our rights, Harper and his MPs have decided to cave into greedy corporate interests! The law is so ridiculous that it's even gotten one of Harper’s own MPs to tell his constituents that it's okay to break it.

MPs know that bills that threaten our freedoms are extremely unpopular - if we can single out those MPs that are hanging onto their positions by a thread and let them know that voting for this bill may cost them votes, we can win. The bill has so far only been introduced in the Parliament and this is the best time to kill it- click here to sign now and kick-start the Canadian movement for Internet freedom:

Earlier this month we felt the strength of our collective power when millions of us joined forces to stop the US from passing an Internet censorship law that would have struck at the heart of the Internet. The momentum is on our side now - let's come together once more to tackle this new threat in Canadian soil.


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