CBC Fifth Estate Puts Out Propaganda Demonizing Vitamins

CBC's Fifth Estate report on 'natural health products' which aired on Sunday, 21 August 2016 may be the worst propaganda ever put out by this public broadcaster.  It appears that the broad intent of the “handlers” of CBC was to tacitly make people who take vitamins or supplements as “crazy wackos” who all put their health at risk.  Their technique was to interview the “lunatic fringe” of natural product manufacturers who have produced and manufactured products without sufficient Health Canada scrutiny as basically representative of ALL producers of natural products. 

CBC made no attempt to educate viewers on how to separate the cycnical capitalists who put out potentially harmful products from the producers of products that have been documented to support human health.  CBC's Fifth Estate was therefore not aimed at critically informing Canadians and how they can be more careful consumers of natural products, but instead aimed at getting them to stop taking any supplements and to instead rely on Big Pharma's solutions.

It is apparent that CBC's staged performance basically sought to work in behalf of Big Phama interests who have been losing a lot of money from people who have sought to boost their health from responsible naturopathy rather than taking one of Big Pharma's “medicines” that have numerous side-effects.  Y'know, those side effects that they like to talk in a fast voice about on late night television.  These include side effects like “suicidal tendencies" that are often worse that the disease the pill is supposed to treat.

CBC forgot to mention the dangers of so-called “mainsteam medicine” in its overall lack of balanced coverage of vitamins and supplements.


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