New political party appeals to Occupy Canada movements

Sovereignty Canada is a new political movement which is inspired by the ideals of Occupy movements across Canada. The organizing premise of Sovereignty Canada is that before we, as Canadians, can affirm the kind of rights and freedoms which has made Canada great, we must first affirm our human and national sovereignty.

The North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) helped to spawn today's Corporate Globalization agenda.  Through the cancellation of NAFTA, we, as Canadians, can begin to re-take control over our society and national economy from a neo-fascist agenda.

Sovereignty Canada aspires to become a political party that is inspired by the community public service, and not the top down hierarchical structure of power that is evident in the Liberal, Conservative, NDP, and even Green Parties.

Join Sovereignty Canada here: or form your own self-governing group.

In the video below, Mel Hurtig discusses Canadian sovereignty.


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