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Security Perimeter Deal linked to NAU Parliament meetings

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I am a retired teacher in law warning both Canadians and Americans who would like to defend their independence as sovereign peoples, about the so-called ”Security Perimeter”. 

It appears that both the Stephen Harper government in Canada, an the Barack Obama ‘regime’ in the United States, are purusing an agenda to decieve people on both sides of the “current border”.

Both Stephen Harper and Barack Obama are reportedly members of a "North American Parliament" made up of appointed members of a political-military-industrial complex.  This "Parliament" has been apparently developing the U.S.-Canada Border Pact since 2005.

Please see:

Legally, there is no such thing as the kind of “common security border arrangements” which these leaders describe, that would affirm the independence of Canadians and Americans from each other, in international law.

It is apparent that Stephen Harper and Barack Obama are talking in deceptive legal fictions designed “fool the masses” who are not schooled in law.

Just as colonial elites of Europe sought to fool the First Nations of Canada, and the United States with “treaties” with no legal integrity, the descendants of those elites have sought to hatch a similar scam.

It is apparent to borrow words of the First Nations, that these leaders and their operatives “are speaking with forked tongues”.

When Stephen Harper and Barack Obama refer to “common security border arrangements” they actually mean ‘NO BORDER’.

There would no longer be an international boundary between the United States and Canada, if the United States government through Homeland Security effectively controlled the Canadian border, along with national security arrangements and the oversight of the implementation of domestic laws including those on privacy. 

The Harper government is selling-out the complete package of the remainder on Canadian sovereignty, while having the audacity to claim the Agreement they pursue with the American president, “has nothing to do with sovereignty”.

The Harper government’s claim according as defined by the Canadian Criminal Code, is nothing short of ‘treason’.

Wikipedia notes than in Oran’s Dictionary of the Law (1983) defines treason as “…[a]…citizen’s actions to help a foreign government overthrow, make war against, or seriously injure the [parent nation].”

For Americans, the so-called North American Union would amount to the replacement of the American Constitution with a continent-wide neo-fascist state presided by the elites who act as the puppeteers of the Obama regime.

It is apparent that both Stephen Harper and Barack Obama are students of the technique which Leo Strauss called the “Big Lie”.  Leo Strauss was ironically a Jew, who was inspired by the “Big Lie”.  Accordingly, tell a lie that is so big, that no one would believe you could ever be lying.

Stephen Harper’s claim that the legal fiction of the so-called ”North American Security Perimeter” has “nothing to do with sovereignty is laughable.  The Stephen Harper government according to Dr. John Lash’s insights on could be considered a government of ‘archons’ which in turn is being propped-up by opposition parties infiltrated by archons, and a mass-media under the apparent spell of archons.


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