Ottawa Becoming Canada's Dirtiest City - Mayor Jim Watson to Blame

My fellow residents of Ottawa.

Isn't about time we began to discuss why this city is becoming every so dirty.

Toronto is over five times larger than Ottawa.

Yes, downtown Ottawa in some places is more than 5 times dirtier.

And, I'm not including Gatineau, when I refer to dirt and fifth in the Ottawa area.

Downtown Gatineau is immaculate.  As a matter of fact, ever time I venture into Gatineau's buses , I always see city crews cleaning.  But, that's not the case in Ottawa.

It seems that Mayor Jim Watson is too busy looking for photo opps from "feel good" stories in Ottawa to support his next election campaign to be concerned about the city's filth.

Let me give you an example of Ottawa's growing dirtiness.

In the above photo, I took two photos a few days ago just outside of the supposedly upscale Hudson Bay and Saks Fifth Avenue where you will see the kind of filth and garbage just outside the building. The next day I went to the main Hudson Bay and Saks Fifth Avenue store on Queen Street and took a whole bunch more photos just outside the building.

You may notice that all along the outside walls of Hudson Bay and Saks Fifth Avenue in downtown Toronto you will not not even one item of garbage in sharp contrast to the kind of garbage shown in these photos.  In Toronto, I could not even find one cigarette but along the walls on the main downtown Toronto Hudson Bay and Saks Fifth Avenue store whereas in Ottawa I could easily count over 300 cigarette butts as part of a tapestry of filth.

When is Mayor Jim Watson and the City of Ottawa going to start cleaning up the growing piles of garbage along with filth all over Ottawa and these include dirty OC Transpo facilities?

Has there been a cleaning strike in the last 10 years in Ottawa that I don't know about?

Are we supposed to feel a sense of pride when visitors come to our nation's capital and discover that cities like Toronto and Montreal are way cleaner than Ottawa?

Do you know how many times in Ottawa that I see throw-up just sitting there on the sidewalks of Ottawa even in supposedly upscale places in Ottawa like the Glebe?  I would say less so in the winter because I guess it gets "cleaned up" as a part of snow removal.  Gross!!

The City of Ottawa needs to get its act together and we, as residents of Ottawa need to start taking more civic pride in a cleaner nation's capital.


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