7 Hairstyles that will be fashionable this 2019

Over the decades, hair styles are born, transform, evolve but never die. Nowadays, in the world of fashion, it’s usual that those old hairstyles that we once considered antiquated reappear and become the new trend of the year. This 2019, many celebrities and important figures of fashion world have dare to wear some representative hairstyles from past decades.
The old school has come back to stay! Today you’ll know the 7 hairstyles that will be in fashionable this year.

  1. Pixie

This hairstyle became fashionable in 50's, thanks to famous figures such as Twiggy, Mia Farrow and Audrey Hepburn. It’s characterized by a very short cut with a lot of volume in the upper part of the head, becoming longer when approaching the forehead. Unlike classic short style, used to make women look older, Pixie cut is a very fresh and youthful style, which at the time distinguished the most rebel women.

  1. Bob

Bob cut was born during World War I and was a trend in 20's. It was also popularly known as the "three quarter" cut, because it was roughly the proportion of long hair that remained uncut. The hair covering the face is cut horizontally, one inch above the line of the eyebrows.

  1. Curtain fringe

Popularly known as Brigitte Bardot’s haircut. It’s an inverted V cut that starts from the central part of the forehead and as it goes down, it becomes wider, giving an appearance similar to those classic theater curtains. Usually, the straight line that forms from the center of the head to the cheek bone is used as a guide.

  1. Californian

A modern style that became popular among young women. Called that way, for being the favorite hairstyle of California girls to wear at the beach. Basically, it’s a long cut with volume at the tips, which are bleached with hydrogen peroxide. Discoloration can vary from a straight strip of blonde hair to a uniform gradient from the roots to the tips.

  1. Straight Bob

A variation of Bob style, where hair is straightened almost vertical. It's the same style that Elizabeth Taylor used when she played Cleopatra. In 90's, it was the favorite of French women and today, is one of the most widespread hairstyles in the world.

  1. Meghan Style

Since Meghan Markle became Duchess, her signature hair style has become trending. It’s a long cut that extends to the chest, with dark and uniform color and volume at the tips. Very simple, elegant and without complications.

  1. Long and wavy

This last decade, all women want to have voluminous hair to attract glances. In this case, hair parts completely straight from the roots and then with the help of a hair straightener, waves are formed starting from the line of the eyebrows to the tips. Finally, with the help of a hair curler, extra volume is added to the tips.
If you want to look fashionable this 2019, your hair can’t be the exception. Now, you just need to know how to choose the perfect outfit depending on the hairstyle you choose.


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