Xcheaters-Bistro.com provides healthy dessert alternative in Ottawa

Xcheaters-bistro.com was launched to provide an alternative generally unhealthy desserts offered by bakeries, dessert bistros and supermarkets in Ottawa specifically, and in general. Xcheaters-bistro.com only uses quality and often organic ingredients.

They don't use ingredients like transfatty shortnening and icing sugar, and avoid the artificial flavours and other atrocious ingredients found in the ingredient lists of grocery shelves.

Contact Xcheaters-Bistro.com if you seek to know when this bistro alternative will open or if you are a dessert / pastry chef that seeks to pursue a healthy lifestyle, and who also seeks to join their team.

You're invited to post the contents of this invitation widely.

Reference: http://www.Xcheaters-Bistro.com


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