A Few Great Cleansing Foods You Should Try Today

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When it comes to detoxification or cleansing of the body from various toxic ingredients, food seems to be the best remedy because there are many foods that contain substances and compounds that can effectively cleanse the body.

In order to get rid of toxins from your liver, bowels, kidneys and skin and to prevent the effects of these harmful ingredients, you should not start fasting. It is sufficient to consume the foods that have detoxifying properties like fruits, veggies, oils and nuts. There are many websites that share recipes based on these foods like foodal.com, so make sure that you are visiting these websites on a regular basis. Now let’s highlight some of them most effective cleansing foods.


This might sound like an unusual suggestion to some people, but the truth is that numerous studies have confirmed the cleansing properties of this fruit. Avocado is able to lower cholesterol levels and widen blood vessels. On top of that, this exotic fruit comes with a nutrient known as glutathione which prevents the activity of more than 30 different carcinogenic compounds.


This healthy fruit is packed with pectin, a type of fiber that binds with cholesterol and heavy metals in the body and in this way cleanses the toxins and the bowels.


Cabbage comes with powerful anti-oxidant and anti=carcinogenic properties that help the liver dissolve excessive amounts of hormones. Cabbage can also help in the process of cleansing the digestive tract, neutralizes some of the harmful compounds found in cigarettes and strengthens the genuine capability of liver to detoxify itself.


According to many experts, this fruit is one of the most powerful foods, at least when it comes to detoxification. Blueberries contain natural aspirin which reduces the damage of tissue as a result of chronic inflammation and on top of that, it soothes pain too. This fruit also acts as an antibiotic because it blocks bacteria in the urinary tract. Finally, blueberries have good antiviral properties too.

Beet root

This plant comes with natural compounds that cleanse the blood and liver and this is the reason why you should include beet root in your daily menu.

Flax seed and flax oil

Both oil and seed produced from flax are packed with essential fatty acids especially omega-3 fatty acid and because of that, they have beneficial effects on the body and neutralize the buildup of harmful compounds.


When we say celery, we mean celery root and celery seed which are usually not used in culinary purposes. These foods help the body get rid of carcinogenic cells. Celery seeds come with more than 25 anti-inflammatory substances and they are especially useful for people who are trying to flush out toxins that come from tobacco.


Garlic is a vegetable that is used in many natural remedies. We can freely say that garlic acts as superfood. Several studies have shown that garlic can also help with the process of detoxification. By eating garlic on a regular basis, you are neutralizing the effects of harmful bacteria, intestinal viruses and parasites and much more. This vegetable also aids the cleanse of buildups in the bowels and due to its strong antioxidant and anti-cancer properties it helps the body to eliminate harmful substances.


There are literally hundreds of articles and books that explain the benefits of eating cranberries. What is important in this case is to emphasize the fact that cranberries cleanse the body from harmful substances and compounds especially the ones that dwell in the urinary tract.

By following a diet that includes these foods and few other cleansing foods, people will protect themselves from the negative effects of toxin accumulation.


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