White Like The Sun - Suggests Mass Alien Abduction from Old Earth

Recently. I heard a kid utter the phrase "White like the Sun!". Do you remember when we used to have a warm soft glowing distinctively yellow sun?

Indeed, last spring was the last time I distinctively saw our former very warm yellow sun which also oddly had another secondary yellow "dot" beside it which reminded me of allegations that some researchers made about "Planet X" of the "Second Sun" which was allegedly entering our solar system which had promised a doomsday scenario for our planet Earth.  But having apparently seen "Planet X" and thinking "that can't be good" then weeks after all of a sudden we're "someplace" which resembles our Earth but with a "white Sun"?

That might be the strongest evidence to support the allegation presented by some people on YouTube that we, humans, have been put on this simulation of Earth in a different solar system that is 80,000 light years away in the Orion Belt of the Milky Way [Please watch the above video on the Old Earth versus New Earth Theory]. 

At least, that's the allegation made in the above video which is related to a phenomenon called "The Mandela Effect' which presents evidence of bizarre changes in know reality which suggest that humans have been abducted from a "Old Earth" which still has a yellow sun into a "New Earth" in a completely different part of the Milky Way Galaxy.


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