Are you Currently Taking Any of these 8 Most Dangerous Medicines on Earth?

Big pharmaceutical corporations are killers. They make medicines in laboratories using chemicals and highly experimental methods and then they sick people as their guinea pigs, to test out these new medicines. This is the reason they are always in a hurry to dole out millions in compensation to patients and their families, once these medicines turn out to be lethal to patients.

It is the sad truth; most medicines are prescribed, applied, or injected straight into sick people, right after they have been manufactured. In other words, humans are the ultimate guinea pigs in America, and Big Pharmais only interested in the millions they make in profit.This should be a crime right? The industry is rife with questionable practices, little wonder these pharmaceutical companies are happy to work alongside criminals.

According to Natural News, at the end of the Second World War, pharmaceutical companies hired Nazi scientists, fresh out of prison to work on drugs, vaccines, chemotherapy, and chemical food additives, in order to develop the field of allopathic medicine, which is one of the most deceptive businesses on earth. Using allopathic medicine, pharmaceutical companies were able to start up another Holocaust on a lesser scale, in the United States, for money.

Natural News writer, S.D. Wells, states “U.S. based pharmaceutical companies hired convicted mass murderers to fill the highest positions at Bayer, BASF, and Hoechst. Fritz TerMeer, convicted of mass murder, served just 5 prison years, then conveniently became the chairman of Bayer's supervisory board (yes, THAT Bayer–that makes children's medications and the most popular aspirin).”

The list seems endless, “ CarlWurster of BASF helped manufacture Zyklon-B gas, the powerful pesticide used to execute millions of Jews–this freak went to work on chemotherapy, the biggest medical scam of the century. Kurt Blome, who admitted to killing Jews with "gruesome experiments," was hired in 1951 by the U.S. Army Chemical Corps to work on chemical warfare.” Wells writes.

After establishing the insidious activities that go on in the pharmaceutical industry, Natural News provides a list of eight of the most dangerous medicines on earth and warns consumers to avoid these medications. They are as follows:

    • SSRIs – This medication is highly experimental and is yet to be proven safe or effective, It could block out serotonin from the body, leading to thoughts of suicide and even homicidal and suicidal acts of horror.
    • MMR vaccine (measles, mumps, rubella) – This vaccine is associated with a lot of health issues such as autism and other central nervous system disorders.
    •  Influenza vaccine (flu shot) – contains a lethal amount of mercury, formaldehyde, MSG, and aluminum. These could lead to abortion or miscarriages in pregnant women.
    • . Antibiotics – Fights good bacteria in the body and weakens the immune system
    • The HPV vaccine (human papillomavirus) – Causes anaphylactic shock and comas in teenagers.
    • Chemotherapy – overwhelms the immune system and causes cancer even though it also temporarily cures cancer.
    • RotaTeq (rotavirus vaccine) – Very lethal (oral) vaccine containing LIVE rotavirus strains and highly toxic polysorbate 80 and FETAL BOVINE SERUM.
    • #8. Polio vaccine (oral and injected with needle) – Could cause cancer and paralysis.


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