Ottawa Judge Breaks The Law: Sylvia Corthorn Faces Criminal Charges

Recently appointed and Ottawa-based Superior Court Justice Sylvia Corthorn now faces criminal obstruction of justice charges.  She is scheduled to be arraigned sometime early January 2018 in the Ottawa courthouse at 161 Elgin Street.

Justice Corthorn has been linked to a cesspool of on-going apparent corruption in the Civil Division of the Superior Court of Justice.  However, only Madame Corthorn was bold enough to expose herself to the prospects of criminal charges.

R. Samuels had filed Statement of Claims to the Ottawa Courthouse.  One was against his father for having lied to the Ottawa Police that he “suffers from mental illness in order to deflect Police from investigating his father’s role is perpetuating abuse against his Mom which has resulted in her not being able to walk, talk and write.  Another Claim was against the Ottawa Police for their illegal activities which including harassment against R. Samuels.

Justice Beaudoin, one of the ethical Judges at the Ottawa Courthouse had approved R. Samuels bringing a Motion to the Court to get Sylvia Corthon kicked-off of presiding any further over specious Defence Motions for Summary Judgement and Vexatious Litigation filed by Bell Baker John E. Summers, Defence Counsel of the abusive father.

The corrupt activities of Sylvia Corthorn’s orchestrated Kangaroo Court against R. Samuels was just too voluminous for J. Beaudoin to ignore.

When Justice Sylvia Corthon received news of the Recusal Motion that R Samuels had filed and that J. Beaudoin approved, she became fearful that her plot to conspire with John Summers and the Ottawa Police in a separate court proceeding would be threatened by the Recusal Motion.

So, Justice Corthorn then decided she was simply going to ignore due process of law that R. Samuels was entitled, and quickly rule in favour of John Summers and the Ottawa Police by endorsing Summary Judgement and declaring R. Samuels a “Vexation Litigant” so that she could also throw out R. Samuels harassment claims against dirty cops at the Ottawa Police Service.  These include Detective Robert Griffin Jr and his co-conspirators who are responsible for also denying the rights of R. Samuels’ mother who has remained subjected to worsening spousal abuse since January 2014.

Justice Corthorn was feeling quite happy after doing her dirty deeds for John Summers and the Ottawa Police Service.

Problem is that Justice Corthon forgot the fact that no one is “above the law” and that includes her.  As a Judge, she may be protected from civil charges but not criminal prosecution for her obstruction of justice and conspiracy.

And now, she faces criminal charges for her role in a macabre plot which has resulted in R. Samuels mother having been held hostage and abused for more than two years; and her conspiracy to use a Vexatious Litigant declaration as a means to both assist her friend John Summers and her friends at the Ottawa Police.

Justice Corthorn was appointed to be a Judge on 23 June 2015 having been an alumnus of the University of Ottawa’s Law School and having worked as a lawyer for Kelly Santini law firm which is interestingly enough, quite close to where her friend John Summers that she helped works at Bell Baker.  John Summers is also an alumnus of the University of Ottawa.  That is confirmed by Linkedin profiles.  Justice Corthorn continued to maintain the Linkedin profile and we, at The Canadian, have included with this article as a screenshot.  The maintenance of this profile by Sylvia Corthorn further questions her judgement.

It is apparent that Justice Corthorn sought to seize the file associated with R Samuels so that she could pursue a malevolent Kangaroo Court agenda in which the arrogant “rookie Judge” that she is, has now exposed her to criminal charges.

Justice Corthorn’s engaged in all kinds of illegal tactics in the courtroom against R. Samuels which were supposed to be scrutinized in a Recusal Motion against her that was endorsed by the Court.  But the corrupt Judge that she is apparently, has now created the basis of a “mini-Watergate” scandal at the Ottawa courthouse.
Contact to learn where and when Justice Corthorn is scheduled to be arraigned in Ottawa on criminal charges.


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