Sunscreen pill a reality?

Could there be a sunscreen pill? It seems like the convenient way to get sun protection is closer to becoming a reality according to an ABC News report on July 5. After the sun-filled July 4 festivities yesterday, this new option cannot come fast enough.

How long will it be before you will be able to forgo smearing on sunscreen before you head outside for a swim? At least five years. This idea is interesting because there are so many uncertain additives in sunscreen lotions, so perhaps this would help eliminate that worry. Of course, then people will have to worry about what they are ingesting with the sunscreen pill though.

Dr. Girish Munavalli said that the new pill will use hormones to increase melanin, which would block the sun's harmful UV rays. She said, "These types of compounds could increase their melanin in their skin, hopefully. So that will probably come to market in the U.S. before anything else, so we'll keep our fingers crossed."

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