5 Things to Consider when Choosing a Family or Divorce Lawyer in Ontario

When you are in a daunting situation, especially one that involves the law, the first thing that often comes to mind is finding a good lawyer. For instance, when you are going through a divorce, you would want to hire the best lawyer you can afford, to ensure the divorce process goes on as seamlessly as possible.  Bookman Law, highlights five things everyone must consider while trying to hire a family or divorce attorney.

1. Expertise and experience

It is very important to try to find out how much experience the lawyers in the law firm have gathered. Experience is crucial when it comes to winning cases, and lawyers who have seen a lot in the field are more likely to handle your case better than lawyers who are green horns in the industry. You should find out how long the firm has been running their business and how long the members of their team have been practising. Also try to find out about their experience in litigation and negotiation.

2. Free consultations

A good law firm should be able to offer free consultations on confusing issues such as wills, estates, powers of attorney, separation agreements, divorce attorneys, custody and access laws. You should be able to visit the law firm and ask to speak with a professional who would be willing to discuss the details of your unique situation and subsequently determine the next steps for you to take.

3. Recommendations and referrals

Reviews from previous clients are the best way to judge a good firm. Do not just rely on what they write on their website about being the best, dig deeper to find out what previous clients have said about them. If you cannot find any of these on the internet, you could ask the firm to provide a reference or a testimonial.

4. Your needs

A good attorney should be able to analyse the unique details of your situation and use this information to anticipate your needs. Different cases require differing levels of legal aid. Some legal issues might seem great to you but after consulting a lawyer, you would realise all you need is a short mediation, while others which you think might be none issues would  go all the way to a courtroom. A lawyer who understands your needs would direct you to the most appropriate channel for your dispute to be resolved.

5. Your comfort level

A good law firm would make you feel very comfortable. From the moment you start to arrange a consultation, you should feel at ease with the entire process. Sometimes divorce or family matters can get really personal. You need a lawyer whom you can trust enough to entrust with all the necessary details of your case. The lawyer should also understand the circumstance and what it requires. A good family lawyer should not be all about the money, he must be respectful and compassionate to your situation.


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