NAFTA: Globe and Mail's John Ibbitson Lacks Respect for Canada's Sovereignty

Ah yes, I remember when the Globe and Mai's John Ibbitson used to describe himself to be a "socialist".

Now, Mr. Ibbitson seems to be suggesting to Canadians that we should be content with whatever scraps of bones Mr Trump sends our way.

According to Mr. Ibbiston's most recent article, we, as Canadians, should be jumping for joy as long as Big Business interests in Canada get the duty free access they want to maintain.

So, what if this so-called "duty free" access will be at the cost of Canadian jobs, culture and Canadian industries that is at root of our vital national identity?

So what if Canadian dairy and other industries are taken over by polluting  and GMO-driven U.S. agri business which feeds Americans with a diet of toxic "fake foods" and other bio-chemically manipulated products for mass profits?

So what if Canadians have to start "buying American" for this so-called duty free access?  So what if our whole economy gets taken over by U.S. multinationals?

So what if Trump views our public healthcare system as an "unfair government subsidy" which must be destroyed?  Right, Mr. Ibbiston?

After all, Mr. Ibbiston concludes, Mr Trump's deal was good enough for the Mexicans, so it should be good enough for us.. right?

Wrong, Mr. Ibbitson!

Last time I checked, we were a proud nation with industries, workers, culture, public healthcare and overall, a way of life to defend.

Last time, I also checked, we weren't apparently, so desperate as the Mexicans.

NAFTA has done many bad things to Canada including the destruction of many of our industries and also brought with it growing economic disparity.

NAFTA is a document for the Americanization of Canada.  Let's face it!

If you wamt our cities to start struggling more and more with poverty, drugs, gun violence and with the same social economic problems as the Detriots, the Chicagos and other such citities in the U.S. follow Mr. Ibbitson and Mr Trump.

The benefits of NAFTA and our dependence on it is quite over exagerrated propaganda.

I had campaigned with John Turner back in 1988, when we Liberals were against NAFTA, and we have seen many of the problems we had campaigned upon now manifest.

Watch the above video clip on the "free trade" election that I was involved with before the Jean Chrétien Liberals sold us out.

We as Canadians should not present ourselves to the Americans or any other country in such a pitiful way as Mr. Ibbiston wants.

The world is a big place, and we're a big and dynamic society which has the drive and talent to compete and to negotiate trade deals which work for our parties.

Trump respects strong partners and bullies the whimps.

Mr. Ibiitson, why don't you move down south with the Mexicans since you admire capitulation so much?  We did not fight the War of 1812 and fight alongside the Brits and other allies during World Wars I and II to sell out our country to shitty deal ramed down our throats.


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