Cities: How to make an impact in your local community

(NC) — A community is only as strong as the people who contribute to its growth. Although wealth, a compelling leader, and great location can all help put a community ahead, the true foundation of a community, which contributes to positive and sustainable growth, are individuals.

Making a contribution to a community does not need to be as grandiose as you may think. The depictions an individual rallying together large communities over a single issue as shown in feel good TV shows like Family Matters, or a student binding together a school to make a difference as in Saved by the Bell miss the mark. Contributing via small daily gestures like the ones listed can make the difference:

Think about the environment daily: this can be done by choosing public transit or requesting recycling options in parks and public spaces

Get involved in community projects: volunteer once a month for a local charity or participate in local events like runs or fundraising projects

Support local organization: be an informed member of your community and choose local options if they are worthwhile

Good Foot is a registered charity that enables users to do all of the above by simply using their service. They provide a courier service operating on foot or via public transit and employ many volunteers. Additionally, they are providing a service to the public whilst delivering financial independence, self-direction, and responsibility to their developmentally disabled employees.

There are ample opportunities to impact your community with individual yet manageable contributions. The next time you are looking to make a difference, start simple.

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