Allan Hubley: Ottawa's Own George W Bush Ignores Parking Permit Disparity

I would like to know who in Kanata elected Alan Hubley?  This guy is arrogant and appears to lack basic social skills.  Actually, let me correct myself.  It would be an insult to George W. Bush to compare him to our very own Alan Hubley.  Alan Hubley failure to defend the rights of residents in Kanata who have to park in the street for one reason or another is an example of Alan Hubley's sheer incompetence when compared to far more astute politicians at Ottawa City Council like Mathieu Fleury and others.

In the central parts of Ottawa, residents including renters can apply to get a parking permit to part in residential areas.  However, this same right has not been afforded to residents including renters in parts of Ottawa which include Kanata and Nepean.  If we are to be part of a so-called mega city in Ottawa, shouldn't we all have a common set of rights?

Allan Hubley was asked about this, and as the apparent curmudgeon that he is, do you know what he did?  He exclaimed that people in his riding who park more than 3 hours in the street should be ticketed and that he as no sympathy for residents in his riding who park longer.  He then hung up on our reporter.  How did this guy even get elected?  He must be one of the worst politicians ever.  Our apologies to George W. Bush.


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