Ottawa Muslim Youth Announces Nation-Wide Campaign in Ottawa

Ahmadiyya Muslim Youth Association launches the “Coffee & Islam” campaign to break down myths and stereotypes, and proactively give Canadians across Canada a platform to ask their questions about Islam and the Muslim way of life. In the backdrop of Islamic Heritage - which runs through October - and in light of the public curiosity generated following the controversial niqab ban in Quebec, the “Coffee & Islam” campaign comes at a pertinent time. Muslim youth will be canvassing in busy downtown areas to engage in grass-root discussion about Islam and set up discussions over a cup of coffee!

When:  December 3rd, 2017

Where: Rideau Centre - 1 pm

Media opportunity:

Meet with the Muslim youth (and campaign organizers) behind a nationwide campaign called "Coffee & Islam" as they give flyers and canvass in the busiest parts of the city. Also cover the public dialogue and discussions taking place.

Registration for the campaign is live at with hundreds of Muslims across the country anticipating thousands of registrations.


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