Ottawa Publisher Markets Canadian Authors At U.S. Book Fairs

Prominent U.S. book fairs are the places where an author from Ottawa can make contact with the book-buying public - and get discovered by an audience who didn’t even know theyexisted. That being said, let’s backtrack a bit and look at what it takes to self-publish in the first place:

First and foremost, you have to finish your manuscript, format it correctly, and then print it through a self-publishing house. Then you have a real book that can be distributed to the reading public. It can be purchased on the internet, bought by libraries, and is published in a standard format that can also be sold in bookstores. But what happens next? You, as an author, are going to have to start selling your book.

There is a whole philosophy about how to sell a self-published book on the internet, and writers are generally comfortable with that process. However, what most writers soon find is that there are many other writers with books to sell at Amazon. Also, the competition is stiff and going it alone almost never works.

So writers from Ottawa, with the help of their relatives, start going to the local book fairs to sell their books. They do this to make contact with the reading public and to meet other authors. And what writers find is that the sales and feedback from book fairs is invaluable.

What they also find is that it is easy to order multiple copies of their book from, put them in their car, head to the local book fair, and pay the reasonable entry fee. There, they are greeted by fellow Canadians who love their book and make enough purchases to give then hope as an author and make it worth their while to have made the effort to attend. 

So, if you have had an initial success, but found that the profits from a book fair in Ottawa isn’t going to make you a rich and internationally acclaimed author, what do you do now?

Believe it or not, you have to do some more marketing for that to happen. And if you have had success at a local book fair in Ottawa, then what about U.S Book fairs? Since your book is a success locally, then why wouldn’t people at the major U.S. book fairs like it as well?

But there is a catch. Now that you have done some research and added up the cost, it becomes too expensive and cumbersome to go to these book fairs on your own. And while it’s easy to order your books from a self-publishing company and take them around locally, it’s not so easy to take them on a plane, pay the transport fees, and go through customs. Then you have to lug the books to your hotel room and then take them to a book fair that may be miles away. Then what do you do with the left-over books? In addition, you will pay much more in American dollars for the entrance fee to register for a prominent U.S. book fair.

But it doesn’t have to be that way!

Agora Books can help by representing you at prominent U.S. book fairs. This will save you all of the cost and aggravation that you would experience if you did it yourself. And this service provides so many opportunities for authors from Ottawa who have experienced local success and are now ready for a larger market.


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