Self Pleasure Tech For Men: 5 Pleasure Proven Positions

Over the past decade, the use of adult toys has become increasingly popular and according to research, the stigmas surrounding the use of vibrators and other sexual devices intended to increase individual or mutual pleasure are reducing—as more individualsand couples are opening up to a far more adventurous and intimate type of technology.

Heterosexual men are also finally embracing the use of sex toys to enhance physical pleasure which undoubtedly enhances sexual experience. According to a survey of Google shopping searches by Bespoke Surgical, a healthcare center for men, sex toys such as cock rings, strap-ons, or butt plugs are the most popular toys in sixteen states in the U.S.

This goes to show that a lot more people are broadening their horizons on who gets to experience the pleasure from using an ‘inanimate object’— especially with places like MensToysHub — Male Sex Tech Review Website gaining online popularity.

“I think the cultural norm has shifted and people are willing to explore more,” said Dr. Evan Goldstein, founder and CEO of Bespoke Surgical.

“The belief that using a sex toy means your partner isn’t a good enough lover is one of the most common misconceptions people have about sex toys,” said certified sex therapist, licensed marriage and family therapist, and resident relationship and sex expert at, Dr. Kat Van Kirk, Ph.D.

“One partner may also fear that another partner’s use of a sex toy will replace them or that they'll become overly reliant on them for arousal and/or orgasm.”

However, in a 2016 study conducted by Chapman University’s David Frederick, Ph.D., it was discovered that men and women who reported feeling satisfied by their relationship and their sex life with their partners were more likely to report having used sex toys together — in addition to other steamy activities, such as showering together, trying new sex positions in bed, and scheduling a ‘sex date night.’

Nonetheless, the progressive nature of using sex toys depends on the level of openness and communication between partners.

Here are five pleasure proven position for men using sex toys with their partners.

1.  The Satisfied Customer

Your partner can get a whole new sexual experience using a next level masturbator. To get started, stroke his chest and wrap his penis with a sexual toy—like the Satisfyer Men—that has a soft cushion-likeinterior and adjusts to give him as tight a fit as he prefers.

Additionally, you can just slide the toy up and down his shaft to give him your full attention or for couples, move your vagina towards his mouth and get into the action yourself as he pleasures you simultaneously.

2. The Ringside Seat

The cock ring is a sex toy that can help men last much longer and allow them to feeltheir partners a lot more intensely. For the variant that comes with some vibration, it can be rubbed against your partner’s clit for optimal pleasure.

To get in position, perch yourself on the edge of a table and spread your legs wide open—as this allows you both watch his engorged self slide into the cock ring.

3.  The Semi-Deep Throat

For a lot of blowjob lovers, deep throating is the icing on the cake. Therefore, to achieve a much better experience,employ the services of a sex toy to handle those last few inches.

First take a position by kneeling between his legs, straddling a pillow in addition with a vibrator for hand-free stimulation for yourself. Begin to stroke his shaft with the ribbed toy while your mouth takes on as much of the head as it can—and a much more manageable amount of shaft.

4.  The Suck and Cover

For couples who are looking to explore prostate play, first introduce him to his male g-spot using some external stimulation.

Place him to lie still on his back, with a pillow under his ass and proceed to perform a blowjob. Once he is fully aroused, press a vibrating toy firmly against his taint and watch him unleash.

5. The Trip Sitter

Once a man experiences the intense orgasm that comes with prostrate stimulation, he’s likely to never look back.

With a vibrating prostrate sexual toy like Aneros Vice, he can achieve orgasm with ease. Once he's fully turned on, slide it in, turn in on and sit comfortably on his dick. Begin to thrust slowly or just feel him growing inside you while you masturbate—as your main role is to be his ‘trip sitter.’


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