Travel: 10 Roads You Would Not Want to Drive On

Not all roads are good to drive on. Below is the list of 10 roads you would not want to drive on;

Passage De Gois (France): This is a road that appears very nice on first look with a wide expanse of water on both sides. However, this road always gets flooded whenever the tide goes up. This coupled with the fact that the road is very slippery makes it a ‘no-go’ zone for all cars.

Patiopoulo-Perdikaki Road (Greece): This is a road in Greece that has an elevation of 500 metres and is covered with countless potholes. Aside the numerous potholes, one is always faced with the task of having to navigate this dangerous terrain without any guard-rails or markings and it is also filled with some of the sharpest curves around.

Luxor-Al-Hurghada Road (Egypt): This is a road on a lonely stretch of land where bandits abound. This forces a lot of driver to drive at night without any headlights and this has led to numerous fatal accidents.

Taroko Gorge Road (Taiwan): This is a road in Taiwan that has been constructed in a mountainous area with the road sometimes passing through the mountain. Persistent rainfall and earthquakes have made the road prone to landslides and erosion.

Skippers Canyon Road (New Zealand): This is a very narrow stretch of road found in New Zealand in a mountainous area that makes it extremely difficult for two vehicles to pass by each other.

Halsema Highway (Philippines): This is a road with an elevation of 2000 metres above sea level. It can only be used in the summer months of March and April. During the remaining months, landslides, erosions and falling rocks makes it one of the most dangerous terrains to drive on.

Tianmen Mountain Road (China): This is a road that has its fill of 99 hairpin turns and an elevation of 1100m above sea level.

Eyre Highway (Australia): This is a road that has been nicknamed “Slaughter Alley” due to the fact that it goes through one of the remote areas of Australia and any kind of car problem spells doom for the occupants.

Karakoram Highway (China to Pakistan): This is a road from China to Pakistan and has the complete package of a dangerous terrain ranging from foggy weathers, flooding, sudden blizzards, falling boulders and bandits.

Zoji La Pass (India): This is a terrain that is 3.5km above sea level and has its fair share of bad weather that makes it completely difficult to use. On better days, the road is also filled with mud and its narrowness also makes it difficult for two cars to pass by each other.

These are the 10 roads you wouldn’t want to drive on regardless of the car you drive.


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