Did You Get A Chance to Visit the Bollywood Theme Park in Dubai?

We are back to that time of the year when we are presented with a mocktail of summer and vacation. It’s that time of the year when everyone is busy making holiday plans with family and friends, or even a solo trip. This 2018, let’s do something different. Something peppy. Something popular. Here’s a thought.

Let’s go Bollywood!

Theme parks and amusement parks are always in. Now, let’s add another one to our list which is the first Bollywood theme park in Dubai, and in the world. Bollywood is famous for its emotional rides, dance, attractive music, colour, drama and extravagance. This place has every factor just mentioned. It is believed that this park will give the visitor an inside look into the crowd-pulling industry situated in Mumbai. A complete recreational hotspot, it has been receiving several good reviews. It was inaugurated on November 17th, 2016 covering 1.7 million sq. Feet of land. It opens at 2 pm daily and stays open for 8 hours from Sundays to Wednesdays and 9 hours on the other three days. The ticket prices are available on their website. It is the go-to place for families, friends and most importantly, diehard Bollywood fans.

The park has everything it is supposed to host- filmy rides, mind-blowing stunts, exquisite food, shops and whatnot. There are six restaurants covering cuisines from all over India. It also has six stages where around 30 magnificent live shows are put up. The park is divided into 5 zones, namely-

  • Mumbai Chowk
  • Bollywood Film Studios
  • Royal Plaza
  • Bollywood Boulevard
  • Rustic Ravine

Each zone has its own specialized or personalized stalls, rides, shows and food. Every zone has its own highlight. Rustic Ravine has the cricket stimulation game inspired by the everlasting movie, Lagaan. The film’s set and the atmosphereare recreated in the game, giving the gamer a complete treat. Don, the Chase is another thrilling game where the participants get to chase criminals inside a 3D immersive tunnel. This highlight is said to be a tribute to Mumbai and hence is part of Mumbai Chowk. In the same zone, we have the Victoria Station and Mumbai express and on the latter’s roof, we have featured performances. The food of course, will not disappoint you as it serves the best of Mumbai’s fast food.

The setting of Rustic Ravine is around the Indian villages that have hosted several classic movies. The game of Gabbar Singh (of Sholay fame) is a part of this zone wherein visitors have to interact with a terrifying villain and escape him. The cool factor here is the laser guns that can be used for protection.

Mughal-e-Azaam is the restaurant befitting royalty. It is based on the Mughal kings of the older eras and serves its visitors authentic and rich Mughal food.

A very major attraction is the Bollywood Film Studios where they have the Hall of Heroes. Now this place has rides based on popular Bollywood heroes- Krrish- Heroes Flight, RA.One-Unleashed, etc. This zone gives visitors an experience of how it is to be on sets, in the making of a movie and also let you have a taste of being a part of a Bollywood movie by tiny rides. For example, you can run with bulls, pose with Bollywood actors, etc.

Numerous live shows are running all day. The Stars on Steps stage is a performance paying tribute to the hierarchy of Bollywood eras. They have the Rajmahal theatre which can seat 850 people, conducting Broadway-style Bollywood musicals. Crossroads is another theatre which brings together old,and new Bollywood hits on stage. They also have their own live band, Magik. A unique stage is the Rangmanch which features traditional folk dances of India like ghoomar and garbha.

Food is the universal love. They have platters for every kind of taste buds. A bakery, Jumbo’s café, The Spicy Dhaba with their tingling tandoori and spicy

curries, Rock On, a late-night restaurant that features the live band, Victoria Station with Tamil delicacies, the Studio Canteen with its continental fast food (surely, a magnet for kids), the refreshing Juhu Juice Bus, a replica of Mumbai’s double deckers and of course, the grand Mughal-e-Azaam.

Next in our chart would be the undoubtedly favourite spot, souvenir shops aka gift shops. They have three cute and lovely shops selling all things Bollywood, superhero-themed goodies and merchandise inspired by classic movies like Lagaan and Sholay.

Unlimited games, fun, food, shopping and grandeur are what we can expect from this exciting place. I am adding this to my list. I am sure you are, too. Hurry up and grab your tickets.

Go to Dubai, have some fun time. As for the travel, you can always book the cheapest flight for Dubai from Chennai. Happy vacationing!

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