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Mandela Effect Is Linked To Satanic Activity, Theorist Claims

“Satan is messing with time by the Mandela Effect”. That is what a recent article published by Grams Gold on famous conspiracy theory website Mandela Bible Changes affirms.

According to the writing, “Satan knows his time is short and he is pulling out all the stops with this Mandela Effect phenomenon”. “Some say he is trying to make time run in reverse by tapping into an alternate universe where time flows in reverse. Others think that people are being put into different timelines from alternate dimensions”, Grams Gold stated.

The researcher also claims that scientists and the elite want people to believe that ancient civilisations were poorly developed and all the knowledge they had was given by “highly intelligent aliens”. “The truth is: our ancestors were highly intelligent, and if they were given additional advanced knowledge, it was by the fallen angels”, he asserted. “God didn’t destroy the Tower of Babel because it was being built too tall. They had too much collective intelligence for their own good, that is why”, he added.

The article also mentions the main reasons why they insist in promoting theories related to intelligent aliens on Earth. “If we believe that highly intelligent aliens exist, we will fear them and respect and idolize them”, he said.

“If we fear them, in case they invade our civilization, the world will have to unite in an effort to defeat them”, he claimed. “If they disclose themselves to humans, they will do so for benevolent reasons,  and offer peace, advanced technology to live forever and a cure all diseases and be able to solve all problems. The only thing is, the aliens will really be demons”, he continued.

“With the Mandela Effect, Satan has changed the objects in time, but he hasn’t actually changed time itself”, Grams Gold commented. “We still have a record of the past, we still look at our history in terms of weeks, years and dates. It is the objects in that period of time that are different than what they used to be”, he expressed.

Draw your own conclusions…

For more information: http://mandelabiblechanges.com/index.php/2019/02/17/times-up-how-satan-is-messing-with-time-by-the-mandela-effect/


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