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Mandela Effect Is Linked To Virtual Reality, Former NASA Scientist Claims

In a recent interview with Canadian writer and speaker Matthew Belair, renowned American physicist Thomas Campbell explained what the Mandela Effect is and its relationship with virtual reality.

In the interview, published on YouTube by Mr Belair, the physicist affirmed that many people have had “very strange experiences” when they claim to “have been driving and sometime in the middle they realise they are not even here in this planet anymore”.

According to Mr Campbell, the Mandela Effect is part of “virtual reality”. “It [Mandela Effect] could affect a group, or could affect an individual, but this is a virtual reality; it is programmed”, he said. “Virtual reality or digital computing is the most flexible information system that you can imagine. Anything can be done in virtual reality; anything can happen”, he asserted.

“There is a few rules that says things will not happen here if they are not in consonance with history and the rule set. Well, if time is out of whack with history, like the person who drives off and ends up in some other reality frame and then comes back, and if this only happens to individuals or small groups of people, it does not create a problem in the simulation, it does not undermine the integrity of the simulation”, the former NASA scientist explained. “Anything can happen in a virtual reality, and most of these strange things do happen as wake-up calls to those people just to let them know, by personal experience, that they are living in something that is a lot stranger, deeper and richer than this material reality”, he added.

“Virtual reality can be strange, so that will cover a whole lot of things, and that strangeness usually has a purpose, and the purpose is just to wake people up to a bigger picture”, Mr Campbell expressed.

Draw your own conclusions…

For more information: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jv8fjXtXjaI


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