Roswell incident to be disclosed as time-travelling humans, Dr Michael Salla affirms

A lot has been written about the world-famous 1947 UFO crash in Roswell, New Mexico. The most common theory about this incident states that this was an actual extraterrestrial craft that ended up crashing in the middle of the desert. For decades, the United States government has repeatedly refused to provide information about the issue; however, this seems to have changed in the last few days. And the disclosed information could actually be quite shocking…

In a very interesting article posted on, renowned Australian researcher Dr Michael Salla explains that Trump’s government is preparing to reveal the incident “as time-travelling future humans”.

Dr Salla comments that “according to new information from Secret Space Program Insider Corey Goode, Trump was told that the Roswell UFO Crash involved time-traveling humans from the future”. Mr Goode, who has been disclosing secret information for years, told Dr Salla that Roswell “was not an alien event”. Instead, he claims, the vast majority of UFO sightings throughout history “are from our own craft operating in the future and creating a temporal butterfly effect”.

One of the most important points mentioned by Mr Goode is that there is an ongoing conflict between two groups of “future” humans, which has severely affected our reality. “One is more of the ‘Wing Maker’ type of future where AI controls a very small population on Earth”, Mr Goode told Dr Salla in an interview. “There is another group fighting to preserve the timeline by stopping the manipulation of timelines so that they all collapse into the proper one”, he continued.

From this point of view, Roswell incident seems to be paramount. It shows us that future humans finally found a way to travel through time, and they could modify timelines whenever they wanted. This fact explains a lot of things happening today.

Finally, in the opinion of Dr Salla, the hypothesis of time-travelling humans is only a small part of the full disclosure, since right now our society is not still prepared it. “The explanation that Roswell involved time traveling future humans who arranged for the crash to occur to speed up our technological development certainly sounds plausible”, he affirmed. “Nevertheless, we need to keep in mind that even such a significant disclosure would still be a limited hangout designed to punt the full truth far into the future”, he asserted.

Draw your own conclusions…


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