Dr. Jerry Tenenbaum Breaches Medical Ethics

The medical profession over the years has very strict code of ethics that guide the conduct of each and every medical doctor. It is these ethics that has always helped in ensuring that the good image of the profession is protected and safeguarded. However, Dr. Jerry Tenenbaum’s conduct of the past few months has really raised a lot of questions about whether he actually has any regard for such code of ethics. Within the medical profession, it is out of order for an individual to become the physician of his or her relatives. So the question then is, “What made Dr. Jerry Tenenbaum to accept to become Dezrin Carby-Samuels knowing clearly that they were actually related?

This is a doctor who has had a lot of his patients leaving various kinds of negative reviews on RateMDS.com with regards to his absolute disregard for human life and lack of empathy to ailing patients who visit his consulting room. If a professionally trained medical doctor can blatantly have no regard for the life of patients who visit his consulting room then how can this one expect this same person to uphold the code of ethics that govern the medical profession?

The protection of human life is the main aim for the establishment of all the code of ethics that guide that conduct of people within the medical profession. It is therefore very surprising to find out that Dr. Jerry Tenenbaum’s actions and in-actions shown towards all those who have had the unpleasant experience of encountering him in his consulting room completely tramples upon the code of ethics that guides the profession. When a person who is trusted with ensuring that human lives are always safeguarded tends to completely breach the very ethics that are supposed to keep his or her conduct in check then something has to be done quickly.


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