Anti-Aging linked to Blueberries and Salmon

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Health and wellness promoting diets should include the following superfoods:

Blueberries - I consider blueberries the healthiest fruit you can eat. Believe it or not, the diminutive blueberry is power packed full of life-preserving agents. They contain more than a dozen vitamins and minerals, but are most special because of the spectacular array of disease-busting phytochemicals they provide. They are the reigning world champion antioxidant food, beating out 49 other fruits and vegetables and have potent anti-inflammatory (buy Dr. Ann's "Anti-Inflammatory" Grocery List for more on this topic) power too.

-- Servings – I tell everyone to strive for a serving of berries daily!  Frozen are just as nutritious as fresh.  ½ cup is a standard serving.

Wild Alaskan Salmon - Occasionally available fresh, frequently available frozen, and always available canned, this superstar protein is one of the best dietary sources of omega 3 fats. This very special class of polyunsaturated fat is an essential nutrient critical for maintaining a healthy cardiovascular system, controlling excess inflammation and having a healthy brain. I consider the lack of omega 3 fats in the standard American diet one of the most serious but unrecognized nutritional problems this country faces. Salmon is also loaded with vitamin D – the new superstar vitamin that plays a key role in broad spectrum disease protection.  Unlike its farm raised counterpart, wild Alaskan salmon is very low in environmental contaminants. Make wild Alaskan salmon your fish of choice!

-- Servings – I recommend that people have 2-3 servings a week for best results.


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